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How long outdoor bamboo flooring needs to be replaced?

#1 by meishengchao , Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:27 pm

Outdoor ground in recent years as a new official outdoor bamboo flooring decorative materials rise, it has become one of a large ground floor material outdoor decorative materials. Many users after the rise of <a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/3...l">best looking balcony flooring</a> will be questioned how long outdoor bamboo flooring needs to be replaced?
Outdoor bamboo flooring is manufactured in accordance with the principles of the reorganization process wood, bamboo as raw materials from a new type of bamboo plywood is dried, a sheet metal sizing, cold, hot steel. Therefore, outdoor bamboo flooring has high density, strong tenacity, strength, is more suitable for outdoor laying the ground. At the same time the use of bamboo flooring bamboo outdoor environment is much better, to achieve the "bamboo logging" of the sustainable development strategy policies, once users get the majority of consumers of all ages.
Market in general cheapest floor decking over the useful life of 10 years, but still depends on the quality of the product. General features outdoor bamboo flooring is high density, tenacity, good strength, durable, not deformed. Outdoor bamboo flooring good brand mainly Chun outdoor bamboo flooring, a large village outdoor bamboo flooring, consumers can choose according to outdoor bamboo flooring brands.
Outdoor bamboo flooring is the new century, laying the ground for outdoor rare material for outdoor floor coverings brought an innovation, an outdoor bamboo flooring is worth the user selects a ground outdoor decorations.

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