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Creating your own small business website can be a scary thing to do. It requires so planning to get it right and make Google sit up and take notice of your site at first glance. Small business website search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the keys nike blazer danmark , but all too often, astute business people leave the creation of their websites up to a family mber or a friend who happens to know sothing about it. This is strange, for they wouldn't dream of letting the sa people build their bricks and mortar store or office.Of course, getting an expert who fully understands small business SEO to build your website is not likely to e cheap, but it may be the best solution if you are starting out from scratch. However, this article is aid at those small businesses that already have a website, but are disappointed at how poorly it performs. If you're frustrated because your website appears on page 42 of the Google search results, and no one is visiting your website, here are 7 things you can do to quickly improve your results.1. Create an Effective Website Title Tag http://www.nikeblazer-dk.com/dame-ugg-classic-sheepskin-tall-boots-5815-gra-tilbud.html , Description Meta Tag,and Keywords Meta TagThe most important part of any website page (in the eyes of the search engines) is the title tag. The title is enclosed beeen the opening title tag: and the closing title tag: . It is located in the head section of an HTML docunt, or web page. You ould use your page's main keyword in your title. Try to use your main keyword near the beginning of your title, and perhaps again near the end. But always strive to make your title readable, and not obviously keyword stuffed.Your description tag plays an important role in SEO for your local small business. This tag is used by most of the search engines in their listings, so you need to spend so ti getting this right. The description tag looks like this: and it is also found in the head section of your web page.Sothing brief such as, "Ac Incorporated, Makers of Blue Widgets," gets the ssage ross http://www.nikeblazer-dk.com/ugg-classic-sheepskin-tall-boots-5815-dame-sort-billige.html , but you could do much better. Try to list benefits rather than features, and use your main keyword in your description as well. Keep your description reasonably brief, but not too ort. Sothing like, "Ac, Inc., Makers of the Strongest, Most Powerful and Affordable Widgets on the Pla" is better.Like a headline for an ad or sales flyer, your description may take ti to develop. Start with a list of all of the benefits your product or service offers and then try to write 20 different descriptions for your site based on those benefits. Test your descriptions by reading them to your custors, employees or others familiar with your business. You'll find out which description resonates most strongly with your potential prospects - and that's good for the search engines and for your sales.The keywords tag http://www.nikeblazer-dk.com/dame-ugg-classic-sheepskin-tall-boots-5815-chestnut.html , again found in the head section of your web pages, looks like this: . The keywords you choose for your page are important, because they tell the search engines what ould be found on the page. Google and all the other search engines present search results based on relevancy how relevant your web pages are to the keywords and phrases your prospects are searching for.Keep your keyword phrases to less than seven and don't repeat the sa words. For example, if you have o keyword phrases, which are, "blue widgets" and "bright blue widgets," you ould only include unique words after including the first "blue widgets" keyword.Curious to know what your Title, Description, Meta and Keyword tags currently look like Here's a simple tip just go to any page of your website billige ugg classic short , then click on "View Source" or "View Page Source" from the "View" nu. There you'll be able to see extly what your tags are telling Google when they crawl your site.2. Optimize Your Website CopyYour website copy consists of the words on every page of your site. Try to make it interesting and rmative. One simple way to arrange your articles, or rmative pages, is to use a simple three-step format. Begin with an introductory paragraph that tells your visitor what you are going to tell them. Then in the next o or three paragraphs, tell them. Finally, wind up the article by telling them what you just told them.This may seem overly simple, but it works. Speak to your website audience as you would to a seven-year-old child. Don't patronize them, but lay it out clearly in simple steps using straightforward language that anyone can understand.When writing your copy for eh of your pages, make sure to focus on one or o keywords per page. If you are selling widgets in all colors and you also sell thingamajigs, then widgets ould be on one page and thingamajigs on another. Keep it simple for your custors and the search engines by focusing on one idea per page and your custors will thank you for it ugg classic tall udsalg , and Google will thank you too.3. Establi an Aeptable Keyword Density for Your Website CopyWhile optimizing your website copy you also need to establi a keyword density that is aeptable to the search engines. Opinions differ, but sowhere beeen 2% and 5% is probably about right. This ans that for effective small business SEO, your main keyword phrase ould appear around three tis for every 100 words.Where your keyword appears is important too. Try to use your main keyword or phrase ice in the first paragraph, once in the second paragraph, once around the middle of the article, and once again near the end of the article. Try to start and end the first paragraph with your main keyword if possible, but don't force it. Always aim for copy that is readable before copy that has perfect keyword density.4. Create Quality Bk Links to Your WebsiteIncreasingly, the search engines are giving added weight to the number of quality bk links your website has. It used to be that reciprocal linking was quite aeptable, and it still is ugg bailey button short , but now Google and the other search engines give higher credibility to one-way bk links as far as your search engine rankings are concerned.And it's not just any bk links either. You need to have quality bk links, or bk links from

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