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jungle and tubing through mammoth Mayan-touched

#1 by engeles22 , Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:08 am

s he couldn t care less where the money comes from Plus Size Wedding Dresses , as long as he can spend it.And also because he gave his solemn promise, on several occaions, not to jack up new taxes.Now I know what you re saying: Dalton McGuinty s promises usually come with shelf lives, many of them so short they expire almost the minute he delivers them.And he could pull one of his favourite tricks and declare that a tax hike on the rich isn t really a tax hike, it s a new fee, or a levy, or a temporary surcharge, or a fair share deficit reduction contribution even though it wasn t going to be used to reduce the deficit.McGuinty has a very generous attitude when it comes to the actual definition of taxes.But most of all, the NDP plan just feels old and cobwebby, like Miss Haversham in her wedding dress.As if the NDP has been slumbering peacefully in its corner for a generation or two, without bothering to update any of its beliefs or political prescriptions.Nudge it awake and it squawks Tax the rich!like some kind of demented parrot.If that s the best they can do after 50 years of existence, why bother setting out a platform?They could have kept Stephen Lewis as leader for the past 35 years and got the same suggestion.If this is a vibrant, dynamic, inventive, progressive party bursting with new ideas and innovative approaches to government, you could have fooled me.More like 1962 s dinner, considerably warmed over.Sometimes, when a movie star and a lingerie model love each other very, very much, they have a baby.Other times, they just dress up in monkey-fur masks and pretend to hump each other for fancy W Magazine photoshoots.But in the case of Bruce Willis and wife, Emma Heming, it s baby news that they re celebrating today.The couple welcomed a daughter, Mabel Ray Willis, this Sunday in Los Angeles, and as their rep told People, the new parents are overjoyed about the newest member of their family.Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully.Heming, 33, 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trapped on a boat, y’all.RelatedWant to read Jessica's side of the story?Flotation advice: Tips from expert cruisersDAY TWO (sea day)The two opposing poolside bars, the Red Frog Rum Bar and the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, are designed to be playful enemies, goading each other on with contests and bell-ringing.It’s a fun manufactured rivalry, but as I stand above them on a deck, I’m reminded that we’re in international waters and this could very well become a Crips vs.One Red Frog Molatov cocktail and we’re all done for.I back away from the pool, slowly, Everybody Dance Now pounding from the deck speakers.DAY THREE (Cozumel)Our first excursion!It feels good to leave the boat, like how Columbus probably felt when he hit West India or whatever.But, as we step off, it becomes obvious that we’re simply standing on the land tentacle of the cruise ship Dresses for Wedding Guests , with brightly coloured shops adorning it, filled with mucho quality items for us to buy.It is a tiny town of trinkets and duty free.Luckily, our excursion takes us away from all of this and we end up at a beach with hammocks and Bob Marley cleaving the air all around us, rapid-fire repeat reggae.DAY FOUR (Belize)The Marley hammocks of yesterday were fine, but returning to the ship still left me feeling, well, sad.Adrift in the sea of burgers and margaritas.Today’s excursion, however, changed all of that.A more active outing in Belize had Jessica and I ziplining through the jungle and tubing through mammoth Mayan-touched caves.It was fun, invigorating and informative.It was false, yes, but it was a falseness flanked by physicality and history that made it feel like something, and by the time we climbed back on board our ocean home we were spent.The deck called to us, the burgers beckoned, and I settled in with a sunset and a book and satisfaction.You have to earn your cruise.People on this ship earned their cruises.They saved their money to have a week to do as little as they want.here for 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and this may be my something.There’s a heated game of dominoes underway, and a disting.

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RE: jungle and tubing through mammoth Mayan-touched

#2 by ashish_kochaar , Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:06 pm

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RE: jungle and tubing through mammoth Mayan-touched

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