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What Ever: Welcome to the first edition of nike free 3.0 damen schwarz grün , What Ever! For this edition, I am going to be talking about the greatest Tag Teams in the history of WWFWWE and WCW. Please keep in mind that although there is a lot of facts in this article, I will be talking about my personal opinion of what I think are the greatest Tag Teams of all time. If you happen to disagree, agree, want to add something, or want to add your own list of the greatest Tag Teams, please leave a comment down below. Have fun reading! MY Top 10 List of the Greatest Tag Teams in the History of WWFWWE and WCW: #10 Rated RKO ( Edge and Randy Orton ) They formed in October of 2006 on a Raw episode which Edge had Orton as a guest on the Cutting Edge segment. Edge talked about how Orton was getting held back by D Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) which ended up forming Rated RKO to feud with D Generation X. What impressed me the most about this team was how well they worked together. It looked like they had been teaming with each other for years with the chemistry they had, obviously it helped that Edge had been in Tag Team matches his whole career and Orton was a great in ring performer. Rated RKO lasted only 6 months as a Tag Team and ended up winning the Tag Team championships once, but what gets them on the list is their chemistry they had together and how well those two combined to make a great heel Tag Team. #9 The British Bulldogs ( Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid ) These two were real life cousins and ended up forming as a Tag Team on UK s ITV Wrestling show nike free schwarz günstig , World Of Sport. The Tag Team eventually gained worldwide fame in the WWF competing in memorable feuds with the likes of The Hart Foundation. The team is also remembered by famous musician, Ozzy Osbourne, who managed the team during an appearance at Wrestlemania two, in which they won the World Tag Team Championships. What gets them on the list is their flare they had and still to this day one of the greatest and most successful teams that Great Britain has ever sent to the WWFWWE. #8 The Steiner Brothers ( Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner ) The Steiners graduated as all Americans from Michigan, as talented amateur wrestlers aspiring to use their talents to get to the top of professional wrestling business as a Tag Team. The Steiner Brothers are known mostly for their time spent in WCW during the 90 s, where they engaged in a legendary feud with Doom(Ron Simmons and Butch Reed), as well as many other Tag Teams on the scene at the time. What gets them on the list is both of the Steiner s, Rick especially, were famous for their powerful hard hitting maneuvers and that they had success for many years as a Tag Team nike juvenate olivgrün damen , working for alot of different places. #7 Harlem Heat ( Booker T and Stevie Ray ) These two were real life brothers and had always had dreamed to make it to the wrestling business as a Tag Team. Their success as a Tag Team started mainly when they hit WCW in the early 90 s. They went on to become ten time WCW World Tag Team Champions and sealing their fate as one of the greatest Tag Teams to enter the sport in many years, winning the titles a record Ten times, the most in the history of WCW. During their time spent in the company, they engaged in several memorable matches and feuds with wrestlers such as Sting & Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers and The Road Warriors, and many more. What gets them on the list is their success as a Tag Team and their amazing ability to work as one in the ring. #6 Edge and Christian These two were very close friends and formed as a Tag Team on the canadian independent wrestling circuit. Formerly known as High Impact, and later on The Suicide Blondes while on the independant circuits, in the WWF the team was billed as Edge and Christian and re imaged as brothers instead of just close friends. The team held titles in numerous wrestling promotions before signing with the WWF. The team is mainly famous for their feuds, in ring abililty together nike juvenate weiß damen , and for competingwinning of matches like TLC(Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) and ladder matches. They have won the WWF Tag Team Championships 7 times with countless defenses. What gets this team on the list is their in ring ability together, how well the two worked together with storylines, and memorable matches they have had. #5 The Hardy Boyz ( Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy ) These two were real life brothers and first began teaming together in 1993 in independent promotions in North Carolina. The Hardy Boyz gained fame for their participation in ladder matches and TLC(Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) matches. In the WWEWWF they are six time World Tag Team Champions and former WCW World Tag Team Champions. They were always a crowd favorite. What gets them on the list is their flare, in ring ability together, their risk taking attitude nike juvenate rot frauen , their storylinesfeuds, and their many memorable matches. #4 The Rock N Roll Express ( Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) Two great friends with great trust for each other. The Rock N Roll Express were famous for living their name, they were their name. Classic rock star hair, metal loving, high flyers who stole the show wherever they wrestled. Other than their legendary feud with the midnight express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson have had great matches with the likes of the legendary Four Horsemen and The Heavenly Bodies. Much as the teams above, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are a Tag Team who can get a crowd working just by stepping into a ring, Tag Team legends of old school wrestling. What gets them on this list is there exreme flare, amazing in ring ability together nike juvenate schwarz weiß , chemistry, and that they just electricfied the crowd every single time they performed. #3 Team 3D The Dudley Boys ( Brother Ray and Brother Devon ) The team originated in the old Extreme Championship Wrestling as a stable with several members, but the team of Brother Ray and Brother Devon were the best known 锘? Note.

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