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t trend watchers say the royal

#1 by sunshine , Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:47 pm

any door in our house Wedding Guest Dresses , because if you pull on the door the knobs come off in your hands.Occasionally we look at each other, holding knobs and declaring that we really must do something.But only after putting some railings in the back garden, which has a fair amount of steps.My husband is against putting railings in, but he should talk.He is wearing a foot brace or whatever you call it after falling down in the backyard and breaking a bone in his toe.I love lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling, which has cracks and water patches on itIím a bit of a dreamer and I love lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling, which has cracks and water patches on it.Once we had a particular patch repaired but, regular as winter, it appears again.but then we repaired it before and the disease has reappeared.Is it worth re-repairing?I know we just repaired the roof a second time, about two years ago, because people told us that roofs are important.Why do I have water stains on my bedroom ceiling if we fixed up the roof?Where is the tap that turns the water off?I know itís somewhere in the basement, but I canít seem to keep its whereabouts in my mind.I have to replace my mattress.I can feel the coils when I sit down and do my up-and-down exercises.There is a mattress store about five blocks from my house but Iíd rather stay at home and read about the mayors in Montreal and Toronto than shop at a mattress store.Donít you think itís time to change it?Those little green leaves must be driving you crazy.What would drive me crazy is a workman hanging new wallpaper throughout this house.Itís enough that I changed the carpet on our stairs after years of urging from my daughter.Paxy, my poodle, had left her marks, and then some, during her training years.We should get rid of all those leftover toys that our grandchildren never play with anymoreThen what am I supposed to do with all the books in the house?I once suggested we should get some one in and take away the ones we donít want.My husband was horrified.I hadnít seen him reading the biography of Lord Beaverbrook or the U.general Lucius Clay recently or even ever.And there are all those outdated guidebooks, some 20 years old, to destinations like Singapore and Dallas and places we will never go.Oh yes Flower Girls Dresses , there are all the screens on the windows that donít fit.And all those windows painted shut tight in the basement, thanks to the painters the last time we had them in.And we should get rid of all those leftover toys that our grandchildren never play with anymore.Yes, I still have my wedding dress and both my daughters wore it many years ago.Maybe itís time to get rid of it, or at least get the champagne stains out along with the screen windows.RelatedSondra Gotlieb: Condo dwellers donít have to deal with black mud backups and rodent tenants squattingSondra Gotlieb: Fodorís guidebooks are more useful than E.Kate Middleton baby: Royal birth could be good for UK economyLONDON British officials are hoping that the impending royal birth will produce a bouncing baby buoy for the economy.With the Duchess of Cambridge due to give birth to an heir to the throne next month, it s time for citizens and groups to consider how to best mark the moment.Happy occasions often boost consumer confidence, sparking a spring in the step that leads right to the shopping mall for street party snacks, summer frocks and suntan lotion.And happy national occasions with the royal family and a new heir hit an emotional jackpot in Britain boosting national pride along with tea, cakes and commemorative china.Royal fever is more intense now, actually, said Pauline Maclaran, a professor of marketing and consumer research at Royal Holloway and the co-author of Tiaras, Tea Towels and Tourism: Consuming the British Royal Family, which will be published by the University of California Press.At a time of crisis, when there is financial depression, people look for something to lift themselves.RelatedCould Quebecers give royal baby the bump?Law to allow female succession may require constitutional amendmentQueen Elizabeth II celebrates 60th coronation anniversary at Westminster Abbey with entire royal familyA Kate-based baby boomlet?Duchess of Cambridge may have sparked spike in pregnancy testsBritain really could use some consumer confidence right now.The economy is so flat no one has any idea how to pick it up.It grew last quarter at the less-than-stunning rate of 0.But trend watchers say the royal birth is being seen as the country s latest installment of Big Events.First, in April 2011, there was the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton Mother of the Bride Dresses , an extravaganza of horse-drawn carriages, breast-plated soldiers and white lace gowns.Then came the June 2012 Jubilee flotilla down the River Thames a procession of some 1,000 highly decorated boats, all honoring Queen Elizabeth II s 60 years on the throne.Within months, London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, kicking it off with a flag-waving, torch-lit procession celebrating every scenic bit of this island nation, from Land s End in the west to the Scottish village of John o Groats in the north.The mood was extended another month by the most watched, most-celebrated Paralympics in history.A study issued earlier this month by UK Trade Investment suggested the 2012 Summer of Sport, delivered 2.billion) in foreign direct investment resulting from business events launched during the games.More comprehensive numbers on the games are expected later.Richard Cope, director of trends at the global market research firm Mintel, says the possibilities abound for using the royal birth to economic advantage.These kinds of events do raise sense people s sense of pride, Cope said.It makes them enjoy being British.And they make people all over the world curious about kings and queens and castles.million) a year from overseas tourists, and predictions are for a 3 percent increase this year after all the hoo-ha of 2012.VisitBritain estimates that culture and heritag.

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RE: t trend watchers say the royal

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became a symbolic figure
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