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y suggested that weddings

#1 by sunshine , Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:35 pm

oing to cure blindness A-Line wedding dresses , but now I guess I ll do this.Neitz already has a few theories about the phenomenon.Age might be affecting how people s eyes perceive the colours.Or, the colour of the dress may be distorted because of the lighting conditions when the photo was taken.However, he can t explain exactly why two people, in the same room, looking at the same image, would see different colours.The vision expert told VICE that he thought the dress was white and gold, while one of his students told him it was blue and black.Why is this happening?This is one of the most fascinating colour vision things I ve seen in a long time.In a telephone conversation with Business Insider on Thursday evening, McNeill explained that the dress in the picture was worn to her friends wedding.Some people see the dress as it appears in the photo as white and gold, while others see it as blue and black.What have we started!canachmusic) February 27, 2015The dress was worn by the bride s mother.McNeill and her friends first realized something was different about the dress when the mother sent her daughter the now-famous photo.What happened was two of my close friends were actually getting married and the mother of the bride took a photo of the dress to send to her daughter, McNeill said.they disagreed on the colour.The bride then posted the picture on Facebook, and her friends continued to debate the colour of the dress.All of our friends disagreed, McNeill said.Related Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?The photo that sparked an unlikely online debateAfter seeing the Facebook thread, McNeill decided to share the picture on a fan page she has on Tumblr dedicated to a woman named Sarah Weichel.That was where the dress went viral.Weichel is a talent manager who represents several YouTubers including Hannah Hart.Weichel told Business Insider her phone began blowing up on Thursday after McNeill s post started going viral.The crazy thing is, I actually have nothing to do with the post, Weichel said.It s literally just a fan account of me, so my name and my photos are all over the account.I actually don t have anything to do with it But I have been getting a ton of phone calls and emails tonight.The situation was even weirder for Weichel because also on Thursday her client wedding dresses with lace , Hart, was just announced as the star of a new television series.Between that announcement and the dress thing my phone has been going crazy with congratulations and, What the hell is happening?For Weichel, there is no question about what colour the dress is.Black and blue of course!Weichel put Business Insider in touch with McNeill, who said one of the oddest parts of the experience had been watching celebrities share her picture.I thought my followers on Tumblr would maybe have a good reaction, but I never would have considered that Taylor Swift and Mindy Kaling would be tweeting about it, McNeill said.I don t understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it s a trick somehow.I m confused and scared.taylorswift13) February 27, 2015Of all the celebrities who became interested in her post, McNeill would like to meet Swift.Oh my god, she said when we asked about Swift.That would be something.McNeill plays guitar and sings in a band named Canach that plays what she described as traditional Scottish folky music.Her band played at the wedding.She actually saw the dress in person and told us definitively what colour it really was.I got to the wedding and the mother was wearing the dress, McNeill said.Obviously it was blue and black.State of the Unions is a week-long Post series on the future of marriage.but it can ruin a marriage.with a higher rate of divorce.The study’s results flew in the face of convention, since the wedding industry has long touted the notion that the more lavish the ceremony, the stronger the bond.billion a year peddling this very idea in Canada.But while the study did demonstrate a quantifiable correlation between the cost of a wedding and the likelihood of divorce, it didn’t posit any reasons why this correlation exists.Perhaps the easiest and most obvious theory is that the financial strain of a costly wedding could lead to actual strain on a relationship.There’s also a more philosophical reasoning, that couples who are placing so much financial significance on The Big Day potentially aren’t looking at The Big Picture (or Their Actual Relationship).though they might not expect to do so.The survey suggested that weddings come with hidden fees, such as marriage licences, dress alterations and costs that come with out-of-town wedding guests latest A-Line wedding dresses , that Canadians don’t consider.price point, Canadians didn’t believe they’d be able to foot the entire bill, with many saying they’d rely on parents, gifts or credit cards.So what happens when that amount gets doubled?It’s not unreasonable to assume that this would lead to some discord, stress and, eventually divorce.or do we just have no idea what we’re doing?says Alison McGill, editor-in-chief of Wedding Bells.These things are typically more expensive than people budget them for, and that’s just the major things.a year and a half after her partner proposed.Some of my friends had got married quickly and got stuck with rush fees on the dress alone.You can save a tremendous amount of money if you take your time and you do your research.she says, and keeps going till the honeymoon.And that pressure can result in heightened costs.They’re experiences.People definitely have a vision of what they want their wedding day to look like.with a ceremony in California, a separate party in Toronto and a wedding planner on retainer.and, with some unexpected help from her family and her in-laws, she isn’t anticipating debt.I’m sure he’s going to put out whatever within reason he can do.We’re determined to get what we want, but within reason.What any couple may consider a reasonable expenditure is subjective, and depends on budgeting as well as income.That factored into the Emory study, too: the re.

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RE: y suggested that weddings

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