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thereís a ring that I always

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CanadaPiece that Iím coveting: My motherís gold-and-sapphire costume jewellery choker.When my mother was a teenager growing up in Quebec Discount Black Dresses , her British grandmother, with whom she exchanged letters, sent her a costume jewellery gold choker adorned with teardrop sapphires.and in her red-velvet jewellery box, where it rested like a call to grown-up glamour.It looked exotic amid the other pieces, and a little dangerous.The pearls, for example, may have been real but they didnít have the shiver-inducing power of that choker necklace.it was such a classic.I loved the design the workmanship and Graceís famous style.I am saving it for Jacqui when she graduates university.she had this white angora dress with a deepV-neck and angora belt, so Dynasty minus the shoulder pads.And then thereís the black silk clutch with a faux diamond set off-centre on the front.Lisa TantEditor-in-chief and associate publisher, Flare magazineUnlike me, my mother didnít carefully store her fashion.She hacked up her bridal gown into a day dress and was quick to dump things out of her closet.a strapless corseted ball gown in black shot taffeta (it shimmered red when she danced) with a crisp white underskirt.My mum wore it when she was a secretary at the U.That glamorous career was cut short when she and my dad moved to Vancouver.I wore the gown to my high school graduation.As my friends paraded about in long frilly white and pastel gowns, I walked in (wearing makeup for the first time) in Mumís gown.It fit like a glove.I felt like a screen star.I canít remember what she thought about me wearing it, but Iím sure it brought back some cherished memories.Mum died 18 years ago.I still have her gown (if only it still fit!and will never part with it.Susie SheffmanFashion director, Dealuxe.caWhile you may not call my mom a style maven, she has a few standout mid-century pieces that need to migrate, ASAP, from her closet to mine.Sheís never thrown a thing out and has a cedar closet full of covetable í50s sweater-girl cashmeres from her college days, and a double face rounded cream coat that I swear inspired Raf Simonís Fall 2012 Jil Sander collection.But itís her lipstick-red kid leather stilettos, circa 1962, that really get my heart aflutter.Family folklore has it that while traipsing around the house in them at the age of three, I peed on them Hot Selling Dresses Outlet , dribbling all over their perfect pointy toes.As quintessential today as they were then, Iím on my way to her house right now to poach them.Linda Lewiseditor-in-chief, More magazineThe only thing I can think of is my motherís pearls, which are not only beautiful, but meaningful: When her parents received reparation from the German government after the Holocaust, they used some of the money to buy their daughter this gift.Veronica DiSantoBridal designer and managing partner of motherís business, Ines DiSanto wedding gownMy sweetheart mini-gown that I wore on my wedding day, Aug.was something I inherited from my mother!An original vintage lace from 1952 was used over a skin-tone fabric and we added different size pearls at the hem of the gown to create some texture.My mother bought it in Leon, France, during a trip in 1984 and was saving it for a very special occasion.Bernadette MorraEditor-in-chief, FASHION magazineMy favourite item from my late motherís closet is a pink floral Chanel scarf I gave her one Motherís Day.My mom was very easy to buy for.As long as it had a designer label or came in a box from Holt Renfrew, she was happy.a winning combination.As predicted, she loved it.Now itís mine and I think of her with a smile whenever I wear it.Kara RossJewellery designerWhen I graduated from high school, my parents gave me a beautiful gold bangle bracelet and engraved it.my sister and I went to Kenya in the seventh grade and I got two emerald-cut tourmalines.When we got back to Philadelphia, where Iím from, my mother took us to where she designed a lot of her own pieces, and we were each able to make something.I made a gold ring and my mother made herself a very pretty interesting mounting for an emerald-cut diamond.She designed and made a heavy bezel setting that wraps around the finger into four prongs.Maybe Iíll get it some day!For our wedding, I designed a rolling ring of two bands signifying the two families coming together.One band was pink gold, the other was white gold, and I put two diamonds in it.I gave one to all the girls.My mom lives in Norway and is a magpie Plus Size Dresses Outlet , like me.Sheís been collecting jewellery for years and years, so anything in her jewellery collection is usually something sparkly and something gorgeous.In particular, thereís a ring that I always gravitate towards.Itís a huge aquamarine ring, but I donít think they make aquamarine that large any longer, or if they do itís well outside of my price range.I think itís the size of my eyeball, itís absolutely stunning.And thatís always been one of my favourite pieces in her closet or in her collection.Whenever I think of my mom, and my favourite piece that she owns, itís always her jewellery and particularly that ring.The colour of it is so intense, youíd almost think it was topaz, but itís not.Oh Mom, love your ring!And youíre wearing it today!Kirsti JuddHer motherThe ring was a gift for my confirmation when I was 14.I had been looking at the ring every week for months and months on my way home from school.I think the jeweler was truly fed up with me coming in just to look at the same ring week after week, month after month.It was, after all, a one-man shop, with a jewellerís workshop at the back and retail at the front.I am not sure if he made it himself.I remember how upset I was when it had been sold.Had no idea my mum had bought it and almost fainted when I opened the gift.Amanda MayFounder and head of production, Cinematastic fashion events and marketing consultancyI have always been a huge fan of vintage fashion, and in 2004, I bought the most beautiful and perfect dress I have ever seen at a Value Village just off M.

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