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from the cold can take their pick from pristine sandy beaches

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Traditionally Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Camisetas , Christmas is a time to spend at home with your close family and friends. But increasingly people are choosing to travel to far off places during this period and make the most of their long Christmas breaks. They may travel with or without their extended family and celebrate the occasion at new and different destinations every year.

Some relish the idea of a white Christmas and book a holiday at a fancy ski resort. While those who want to leave the winter blues behind, head to a tropical paradise and a sunny beach.

If you are looking forward to skiing, USA and Canada have some fantastic resorts. States like Colorado, Wyoming, Vermont, California, Utah and New Mexico in America offer fine powder in December along with varied terrains. In Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario have some famous resorts suitable for beginners as well as expert skiers.

In Europe, France and Switzerland have attracted the bulk of skiers for over a century. Italy, Austria and Lapland too are popular skiing destinations with some great slopes. The last few years have also attracted tourists to the relatively undiscovered countries in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Russia not only offer fantastic skiing and cheap vacations, but they also offer a taste of their history and culture as many have UNESCO-listed world heritage sites within close proximity of the ski resorts. Further away in Asia, Japan’s Tohoku and Chubu regions have some fine ski resorts.

Sun worshippers wishing to get away from the cold can take their pick from pristine sandy beaches. From the Caribbean and Europe, to Asia and Australia, you can choose from a great many beaches where the weather is sunny and there’s little to no chance of rain.

If you’ve had a tiring year, then your beach holiday can be tranquil and lazy. On the other hand, the more adventurous can go snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, water skiing or indulge in other water sports. Whatever you do, the best bit about your holiday will undoubtedly be flaunting a perfect tan in January.

Many countries celebrate Christmas and especially New Year’s Eve in some way. So your ski or beach resort is sure to have some kind of celebrations planned. Whether it’s live entertainment, festive lighting or special menus at restaurants, you can look forward to a merry Christmas even if you are miles away from home.

Dominic Jones has written about the best ski resorts to visit during Christmas. He has also recommended the best beach destinations to visit for your Christmas breaks to help you plan your holiday travel.

Hypnosis is the key to great golf. Hypnosis is the most wonderful, most incredible "rescue club" that will ever be available to a golfer. There is nothing that comes close to hypnosis. You may say "what about NLP?" NLP is absolutely fantastic; it is an application of hypnosis - it was developed from Ericksonian hypnosis and applies hypnotic principles. Many people "dumb down" the hypnotic aspect of NLP, but hypnosis is in reality what gives it its power. NLP without hypnosis would be like a car with no engine. They go hand in hand. Why is golf hypnosis so valuable? If you agree that great golf is 90% in your mind (or even if you think it's only 50% mental) it follows that it is at least equally important to learn how to think well in golf as it is to be able to swing the club. Golf is a tricky game to learn. The club is long when compared to those used in other sports, the ball is smaller and the distances covered greater. It's a difficult game to learn and requires diligence and practice as well as good hand-eye co-ordination. I think we will also agree that a few lessons with the pro are also essential to make for a better technique and more consistent application of the clubface onto the ball. All this takes a great deal of time and effort. Once you have learned the basics you can hit that ball around the course adequately, you feel good, and then most of us start to try to get better. Once we get to a position where we realize that "I could be good at this" another element enters the equation. The game becomes more important, and more emotion goes into it. Your mind now holds greater importance in your golf game. Logic and emotions are like oil and water, and your emotions will always get the upper hand. Thus you need to know how to train your golf mind to contain and control your emotions. Hypnosis is perfect for this. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and so in learning hypnosis you learn how to change state in an instant. This is a valuable asset in golf. Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind, where instinctive patterns of thought and reactions are stored. Therefore you can use golf hypnosis to change those emotional reactions which tend to bubble to the surface and sit there, like an oily film, totally smothering your logical mind. It is very important to train your golf brain how to wash away that film of oil and think clearly and logically and you can do this with the help of golf hypnosis. I'm sure you are beginning to see why hypnosis is indeed the key to playing great golf. How else can you control instinctive reactions? These reactions come from your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind. You have to access your subconscious mind to enable change?and hypnosis does exactly this. Once you really get into your golf you discover how important it is to visualize your shot. Everyone can visualize, although some people think that they cannot. Whether you think you can visualize or think that you cannot, hypnosis will empower you to greater ability in this department. Hypnosis also allows your more creative mind to surface, making it easier to visualize those golf shots, adding intensity and therefore greater impact to your visualizatio.

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