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that you are familiar with your rights

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My nephew was over at my ple a couple of days ago needing so help with their howork and they were using a newspaper clip that I thought was amazing. I found an article that is very similar online that I want you to have a look at. What do you think? Tell below. ergency repairI am not an expert by any ans Marc Bartra Barcelona Camisetas , but have been reading the laws due to a circumstance of my own, being extraordinarily familiar with them, so hopefully I can help.First, A.R.S. 9-1303 directly lists lk of adequate heating and cooling as a Material affect on health and safety of oupants, and under A.R.S. 33-1324, they are required to make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to keep the premises habitable. So it appears that you have grounds for am ergency, but you still need to provide them with notice as well as reasonable ti to respond.azleg.FormatDocunt.asp?inDo...You have o options once notice is given and ti has passed, fix it yourself or stay sowhere else until they do....Fixing it yourself - if the cost is either less than $300 or 12 month's rent (whichever greater), you may notify the landlord in writing that in the case of an ergency, they must promptly repair or reple it. If they do not, you will bring in a licensed contrtor to fix the issue and have that amount deducted from your rent. This is covered in A.R.S. 33-1363.azleg.state.azFormatDocum...The other option is under A.R.S. 33-1364, which is in direct relation of failure to supply AC.Under this, if they are negligent in providing AC (and other essential services), you may give notice of breh of the rental contrt and recover damages. You can procure substitute housing during the ti the ac is broken (reasonable hotel fee), and be excused from paying rent for that ti period. If the substitute housing is more than what the rent would be, you can give them proof of paynt and recover your costs, as long as it does go over the rent amount by over 25%.BUT - be careful, as it also directly states that if you choose to proceed with this route, you cannot go bk and have it repaired on your own as well and that also, none of these rights apply until notice is given to the landlord, nor will they apply if the repair is due to an tion of yours or anyone else in the apartnt..azleg.state.azFormatDocum...And more importantly, you have to be able to prove that it has been either deliberate or negligent on their part. Unfortunately, AZ isn't favorable to tenants and it would be up to a judge to decide if it was really an ergency or not, ould it go that far.Either way, provide notice to them and cite the ext statue reference you are going with. In my experience, letting them know that you are familiar with your rights and the laws that ern both landlords and tenants ows that you are rd and promotes a quicker response from them. But, also ask what they would consider a 'reasonable ti fra' in order to fix the issue, as you will have to give them ti to address the problem first, which is again up for interpretation. The one thing that is on your side is that it is sumr, and no ac can directly affect health in extre temperatures.Keep copies of everything you ever give them, and the nas of individuals you deal with. You never know what you are going to need ould this sohow es up after your lease is over.Good luck!Fought own battle with apartnt landlord in AZ, and received what I had originally demanded.https:answers.yahoo.questionindex?qid=20120725220301AAqtag3 ? NFC wrap-ups: East | West | North | South ? AFC: East | West | North | South

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A wrap-up of the New England Patriots' draft. Click here for a full list of Patriots draftees.

[+] EnlargeKevin C. CoxGetty ImagesFlorida's Dominique Easley will be an impact talent for the Patriots if he can stay healthy.Best move: Reinvesting in the offensive line. The Patriots hadn't drafted an offensive lineman in 2012 or 2013, but they triple-dipped with fourth-round center Bryan Stork (Florida State), fourth-round tackle Cameron Fleming (Stanford) and sixth-round right guard Jon Halapio (Florida). Time will tell if the picks were the right ones, but from a general standpoint, the Patriots needed to pay attention to the line both from an infusing-the-pipeline standpoint and also with salary cap integrity in mind. What stands out is the size of Stork (6-3 78, 315), Fleming (6-4 78, 323) and Halapio (6-3 12, 323). The Patriots added an element of offensive toughness in this draft, while also planning for the future. This is a big year for the team's offensive line as it transitions from former coach Dante Scarnecchia to Dave DeGuglielmo.

Riskiest move: Easley. The first-round defensive lineman is a big-time talent who wouldn't have been available at No. 29 if healthy. But he tore both ACLs at Florida and that affected his ability to work out at 100 percent in the pre-draft process. If Easley returns to full health, the Patriots' willingness to assume the risk could pay off in a big way as the team's interior pass rush could use a boost. But if problems crop up with Easley's knees, the Patriots might ultimately regret their willingness to invest such a high draft pick on an injured player.

Most surprising move: Dominique Easley. Wouldn't have thought the Patriots' selection of a player who tore both ACLs in a span of three years was an option in the first round. They generally don't assume that much risk with their top pick, which has contributed to their solid first-round draft record.

File it away: All the angst that might have been expressed about the Patriots' selecting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with a late second-round pick (No. 62) will most likely be looked back upon with a chuckle. The biggest question from this perspective is if the Patriots passed on a player who might have helped them more immediately (e.g., Iowa tight end C.

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