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when her wedding dress

#1 by sunshine , Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:37 pm

retro look that I love.Her style inspirationI would say Audrey Hepburn.It seems like lately every time Iím humming and hawing about what to wear http://www.2016cocktail.com/black-prom-dresses-12-1.html , I err on the side of classic.wears in Funny Face is stunning, even the turtle neck and black pants.And when you see her in a candid moment, she is always impeccable and well-tailored.Also, weíre both not classically feminine-figured, so maybe thatís why Iím drawn to her.When her love for style beganWhen I was younger, I just wore giant Club Monaco sweaters and my momís old jeans.Everyone was dressed so cool, and itís amazing the amount of trends I witnessed that only became popular a few years later.Art school was when I started to discover boutiques and designers.On how she gets dressedI definitely think about it the night before.Thatís how I fall asleep every night, putting things together in my head.Itís like a creative challenge.I keep a journal, and if I see something or come up with something, Iíll write it down so the next time I am creatively stunted, Iíll try that.Itís much quieter in Saskatoon, and I was not giving up, but I was kind of bored with what I was wearing and how I was wearing it.And thatís one of the reasons I started the blog, to keep it challenging and exciting.Wardrobe requirements for book readings and signingsI definitely dress a bit nicer than I would if I was just around the house!if I wear a skirt, it has to be a bit longer because Iím talking to kids and if I have to bend over, I donít want to put on a show.So I generally wear pants or jeans and a wedge heel, or flats if itís gong to be a long day.Nothing too low cut because, again http://www.2016cocktail.com/red-prom-dresses-11-1.html , youíre going to bend over.And I like to wear a lot of colour.A lot of kids say stuff.They say Ďyouíre pretty, I like your outfit, I like your shoes.Especially when you get to grade six, the girls are really eyeballing what youíre wearing.I have flats from Anthropologie that have little bugs on them, and I have them as alien characters in one of my books, and sometimes the kids notice and they say Ďyou have aliens on your shoes!On life imitating her artI was photographed for a blog about artists in Saskatchewan, and I wore just a sweater and a scarf and jeans.I didnít have the vest, but I was wearing a purple scarf and jeans, and he wears dark blue pants.And I was like, oh my god, I dressed like my character.Spiresí latest Binky the space cat graphic novel, Binky Takes Charge, is available September 1 from Kids Can Press (ages 7-10).Family of drowned bride Maria Pantazopoulos plead for more security at Quebec riverThe distraught family of a Quebec bride who drowned during a photo shoot in her wedding dress at a Quebec river is calling on the local municipality to implement better security measures to prevent a similar tragedy from happening.Ouareau River in Rawdon, Que.dragging her into the water and causing her to drown.an activity that involves wrecking a wedding dress, often in water, for the sake of an unconventional photo shoot.In a statement released to the media, Pantazopoulos s family said she trusted the photographers enough to attend the shoot alone and followed their directions.One thing we are certain about is that our Maria would have never put her life at risk.Her love for life, for her husband and for her family would never allow it http://www.2016cocktail.com/shop-by-color-2-1.html , the statement said.The family asks the municipal council of Rawdon to work on putting in place stronger security measures to avoid any future tragedies.Wedding photographer Louis Pagakis was taking photos of Pantazopoulos in the Ouareau River, 75 kilometres northeast of Montreal, when the weight of her dress pulled her into the current.Pagakis told CTV Montreal.I jumped in, I was screaming and yelling, we tried our best.Two police officers arrived on scene and jumped into the water but could not find her.A scuba diver who heard about the accident arrived on scene and found her body two hours later.Maria s interior beauty far surpassed her exterior beauty.She was loving and fun, her family said in the statement.She was a responsible young lady.Above all she was honest and her word was gold.These character traits made her very trusting in others.The family also thanked those who tried unsuccessfully to save Pantazopoulos s life.was a real estate agent and had just bought a house in Laval before she died.Quebec bride Maria Pantazopoulos drowned in trash the dress photo shootThe bride who died during a photo shoot in Quebec last week when her wedding dress became heavily soaked in a river, dragging her into the water and causing her to drown, was participating in growing trend called trash the dress.Maria Pantazopoulos, 30, had married in June and wanted to immortalize her wedding dress with Friday s photo shoot, family friend Leeza Pousoulidis told the Montreal Gazette.Trash the dress is a style of post-wedding photography that features the bride in her dress in an unconventional setting, often using water or other environmental factors that effectively ruin the garment.Pousoulidis told The Gazette.She said ĎI want to have fun with my wedding dress.I want to have great pictures and memories of me in my wedding dress.Wedding photographer Louis Pagakis was taking photos of Pantazopoulos in the Ouareau River in Rawdon, 75 kilometres northeast of Montreal, when the weight of her dress pulled her into the current.Pantazopoulos was a real estate agent and had just bought a house in Laval.Her colleagues were devastated by the news of her death.real estate agent Johanne Grenier told the Gazette.For us, today is a really sad day.Bob Paulson apologizes for using RCMP officers in his Ottawa weddingRCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson apologized Monday for using eight on-duty constables in a ceremonial role at his recent wedding in the nationís capital.I would like to apologize to the members and to Canadians.Paulson said through a spokesman.Paulson was not aware that they were on duty at the time, said Sgt.He had asked the corps sergeant major to seek some volunt.

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RE: when her wedding dress

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