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Arcsaber 8DX to be an Arcsaber 10 with more edge

#1 by tingyu , Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:40 pm

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Immediately you choose this racket up Oscar Taveras Jersey , there is one thing regarding it that talks quality. It's a pretty balance, not too head heavy although you can feel a touch of weight in the pinnacle to induce a very little meat behind the shuttle. The balance is a lot of even compared to Arcsaber 10.
Like most of the high Yonex racquets in the range, the Arcsaber 8DX features a stiff shaft, that is ideal for power players who need a faster response from their racquet.
While material construction looks a dead ringer for other Yonex racquets within the range, the Arcsaber 8DX is designated a high tension racquet, with a maximum counseled string tension of 27lbs, which is 3lbs a lot of than most racquets in the current range.
It's well known that many of the Yonex sponsored players have been stringing their racquets approach higher than counseled string tension values for years. Perhaps it's a sign of the days that Yonex has finally introduced a racquet purporting to just accept higher tensions, moreso to satisfy public demand from Asia for higher tensions. This is currently creeping into UK and may be a explicit concern of mine. To play with high tensions, a player's technique should be extraordinarily good, otherwise injuries can occur.
On with the review...
The string tension on this racquet feels a very little tighter so there was no would like to arrange a re-string before testing. Readers of my reviews will know that I like to test racquets "straight out of the bag."
From the primary hit I knew I liked this racquet. Clears were sailing towards my opponents back line with very little effort on my part. The racquet oozed power however it wasn't tough to tame like Z Slash. It performed like a champion thoroughbread, giving me everything I wished and additional at the proper time.
Therefore, we apprehend this racquet packs a mean punch, though nearly up to the hitting power of Z Slash. However, it's got far bigger consistency and control and that is counts for therefore abundant more. What regarding in different areas of the court?
Defensively this racquet delivered each time and jogged my memory of the speed of my Nano9900 though almost as lightweight within the head. The mix of higher aerodynamics and slightly lighter head work very well here. I might manoeuvre the racquet really fast without any drag or delay caused by further weight in the head.
There's always a trade-off between weight in the pinnacle for power, and a lighter head for speed, however Yonex seem to own got the combination just right for this racquet.
As you would expect, if the racquet delivers in defence, then it has got to be sensible around the net. Yes, no surprises here, it absolutely was magnificent! I didn't would like to make adjustments for the racquet, it simply pla[censored] internet shots or kills with ease and a fast recovery too. Exactly what I need from a racquet.
Can Arcsaber 8DX suit each vogue of play? Absolutely. However, that does not mean it can fit your game. As you know, choosing a racquet is terribly personal and I will imagine for some there can some frowns, presumably thinking the pinnacle lacks the load to elevate it into the intense hitting league. That's what personal taste is about.
I might disagree with this kind of thinking as there are power players using very light-weight-headed racquets. As on behalf of me, I contemplate Arcsaber 8DX to be an Arcsaber 10 with more edge, a very little bit additional alive and desperate to play. It's the young child on the block compared to the wise man - it almost encourages you to throw caution to the wind and play on the dangerous side.
As you can tell, I extremely like this racquet. While it's early in our relationship, I am unable to wait to induce back on court and do it all again. I have never felt this level of excitement regarding a racquet since Z Slash last year. But, I do not have the frustration of timing issues now around - it's almost like taking your favorite racquet, giving it a paint job and handing it back to you with an armed and dangerous sticker hooked up!
With an RRP of ?a hundred and fifty, this can be a pretty hefty value tag. Little question the net discounters will be selling for significantly cheaper than that, thus expect to pay around ?one hundred thirty, maybe less. That is still a ton of money for a racquet, which will flip many players away.
As much as I prefer this racquet, the value can push players away and so I would like to reflect this in my scoring system. Consequently, I will rate this racquet 4.5 stars in my 5 star system.
For me, Arcsaber 8DX is close, if not right on the mark, on my Holy Grail of racquets chart. And that is saying a ton!

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