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Sometimes the Laws of Prosperity become crystal clear when seen through the eyes of a child. We?ve learned more about how the Law of Attraction really works through our experiences as parents than in probably any other way: Last summer our family took a road trip and we conducted a few financial prosperity seminars along the way. When we arrived in one of the locations Harry Kane England Jersey , our seven young children helped us set up the room. They had a ball doing it, too... running up and down the aisles, and there wasn't anything breakable in sight, so Mom was happy, too. After setup, most of the kids wanted to go play, but 9 year-old Kayli wanted to stay. She had brought a stack of homemade bookmarks in hopes some of the participants would buy some before the evening was over. One older brother chided her Kyle Walker England Jersey , saying, "That's so dumb... it's just paper. Nobody's going to want them." But she wasn't dissuaded. In fact, she sat quietly through two of our events that week, and by the time we came home, she had earned $150 selling "just paper." Fast forward seven months. After paying 10% to charity, Kayli saved the remainder and intended to purchase supplies to create ten Valentine's Day gift bags to sell. Her brother again made a cutting remark, which hurt her feelings Marcus Rashford England Jersey , but didn't stop her from following her dream. Admittedly, her mother had a ton of other things to be doing, but Kayli had been so persistent that Mom couldn't refuse her any longer. Her mother, Leslie, dropped everything to take her to the craft store for the rocks, iron-ons, candy Andros Townsend England Jersey , and miniatures. She helped her figure out a good way to assemble them. She created a newsletter announcing them to our subscribers, and we took pictures to include in the announcement. Kayli sold out within a day or two. Leslie initially thought that she'd better get onto our website and post "Sold Out." After all, Kayli had accomplished her goal, and was excited that it had all happened so fast. But then her mother had that second (less convenient) thought that said, "Why not keep going?" So she dropped everything again and they ran all over town looking for all the components to make more so they could fill the orders that continued to show up. They cleaned out three different craft stores of heart iron-ons and miniature stuffed puppies. Kayli was on Cloud Nine. When it was all over, she had recouped her entire investment and, in fact generated an additional $80 in profit. Her brother didn't have much to say except Ross Barkley England Jersey , "Mom, I want to make something..." So maybe you're thinking, "Yeah, well any kid could do that if they had parents with a website like yours." But before you go there, let us make a point: We have seven children. We have a website and a newsletter. The opportunity for prosperity is there for every one of our children... but only ONE of them has ever done something about it. Life is like that. We're children of God, who has the most expansive distribution network in the Universe, and unlimited opportunities for prosperity. When we have something to offer the world and bring it with the right mindset (one of expectancy Jamie Vardy England Jersey , persistence and determination), then in the right time, we can envision God smiling, putting down His work, and taking us under His arm to help us accomplish the thing on which our heart is set. My kids will often beg for this or that, and they'll wish for that or this, and quite regularly whine when things aren't just so... but once in a while Dele Alli England Jersey , one of them will step forward with a determination to get our help to accomplish something that they can't completely do on their own, refusing to set it aside any longer. They have a resolved intention to GET IT DONE, whatever it takes. Right or wrong, that's the child who finally gets our undivided attention and help. We've learned a lot watching our daughter take initiative. She may not know WHAT to do, but she'll lock on to the vision of what the results will be, and she knows that with our help she can accomplish anything. If you could have God's help with something THIS WEEK, what would you have Him help you do? Are you clear on what it is? Are you determined to do everything in your power to make the good fortune happen? Are you willing to pray like it depends on Him but work like it depends on you? Practice operating this week with resolved intention. Decide Kieran Gibbs England Jersey , first, what you want to accomplish, and then get behind it 100%. Give it all you've got, and envision God helping you as a loving parent who can no longer ignore your requests because you're a determined, persistent, willing and teachable child. Don't hold back. Throw your heart into it, be at peace Tom Heaton England Jersey , trust God to provide and watch the results be grander than you've ever seen them be. For more on this topic, watch the free 4-minute video clip at JackrabbitFactor. Author's Resource Box Trevan and Leslie Householder are the founders of http:www.PrinciplesofProsperity, a site dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve financial freedom through the often misunderstood laws of success. Together, Trevan and Leslie Householder are SelfGrowth?s Official Guides to Prosperity, and are the proud parents of seven children.Article Source: Vegas Now Lists Cubs With 12 1 Odds To Win World Series - RealGM Wiretap
Las Vegas likes the Chicago Cubs much better now that Jon Lester is in the mix.

At 12-1 odds, the Cubs have moved into the top tier of favorites in Las Vegas to win the 2015 World Series.

The Cubs began the offseason at 40-1 to win the World Series at the Westgate SuperBook, but have seen their odds steadily increase over the last month with the addition of manager Joe Maddon. They were at 18-1 to begin the week at the SuperBook.

The Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908.

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