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Weíve thought of some of the reasons you might use as an excuse, if you have to have one, to justify changing the paint on the walls, the window treatments, or buying new furniture. Which one works for you?

Just Because You Want To
I canít think of a better reason to redecorate a room or a home. Having a fresh look to your home can be a real spirit lifter and can help you feel new. Not everyone can do it ďjust because Marshal Yanda Jersey ,Ē but just about everyone can do little things, one at a time. Before you know it, youíll have a new space for no reason at all besides the fact that you want to.

You Just Moved Into a New House
Why would you want to live in a home that someone else has decorated for their life? I sure wouldnít. Each time Iíve moved into a new home, the first thing I want to do is make it mine. And I do that by painting or wallpapering the walls and making new draperies or curtains to match the furniture or bedding that Iíve brought with me.

Youíre Getting Ready to Move Out
Many people put off decorating their home until it comes time to sell. Then they realize that they really have to do something about the dingy paint and carpet before they can sell it. While a total makeover may not be necessary, moving time is a great time to dress up a home thatís been neglected. The house will sell faster and youíll get a better price for it if things are updated and fresh.

Your Kids Have Moved Out
Itís sometimes called the ďempty nest syndrome.Ē The kids have moved out. You donít need indestructible furniture or industrial-grade flooring any more. Have you always wanted white carpet? Do you want a canopy bed but thought the kids would make fun of you? How about a Jacuzzi tub in the bedroom? Or are you ready to give up the extra bedroom to make room for a walk-in closet just for you? Hereís your chance!

You Canít Stand Your Childhood Room and Need to Help it Grow Up
Lots of young people move back in with Mom and Dad after graduation from college-not because they want to or because Mom and Dad want them to. Itís just an economic fact that having your own place is beyond the financial reality for many young people. But that doesnít mean that just because you canít have your own place you canít make your space reflect the new adult you. Get rid of the high school sports trophies Justin Forsett Jersey , the cheerleader pompoms, the collection of teddy bears or collection of model cars. Decorating this space for the more mature person you are. It can help you move from childhood to adulthood without ever leaving home.
If you feel you need a legitimate reason to redecorate your home, you might be able to use one of these excuses.

Youíve Gotten Suddenly Single and Want to Have a Whole New Life
Have youíve lost your spouse or found yourself single due to divorce after years of marriage? Once you get used to the fact that youíre alone, now is the time to get your home just the way you want it. Take out everything you donít want any more and get it out of the house. See what space you have, how you can use whatís still there C.J. Mosley Jersey , and decide what you need to do to make the space your own private haven.

You Want to Do Something Really Wild
When my younger daughter came home from college, we needed to do something with her room. It had been decorated as a quiet guest room while she was away. But we knew that she wouldnít be home for very long. Her life would take her somewhere soon. We used this opportunity to decorate a room with raspberryblood red walls and it was fantastic. We probably wouldnít have been so bold if we knew sheíd be around for a long time, but for a short time we could choose something really different. We added some bold Caribbean print fabrics and the room was a great success.

Youíve Just Gotten a Chunk of Money
Whether itís through an inheritance or a nice bonus from work, itís great to have an unplanned chunk of money come your way. And if you donít have a pile of bills to pay, you can really have fun redecorating. Donít get carried away http://www.teamravensmall.com/ , though. Once the moneyís gone, there wonít be any more. So plan carefully.

You Love a New Fabric That You Saw in a Decorator Store
Have you ever been out looking for a pair of new jeans and happened upon a furniture store with a room decorated just the way you love? Or seen draperies in a fabric store that are just what youíve always wanted? My advice is this: -when you find something that you love, go for it! Donít put off making the change. Be brave and take the plunge. You may never find anything that youíll like more, and if you donít do it now, you may be disappointed later.

Youíve Inherited Some Antiques and They Donít Go With What You Have
Have you lived in a new Benjamin Watson Ravens Jersey , modern home for a while? And now youíve inherited some valuable antiques and sentimental pieces from your grandparents? If you really want to incorporate the older pieces, you might have to make some changes to lighting, window treatments, even furniture arrangements, to make the most of what youíve received and show them off to the best advantage.

Whatever reason works for you Nick Boyle Ravens Jersey , go for it. Change your space to be just what you want. Youíll have fun redecorating, the new space will reflect your personality, and youíll love it for years to come.

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