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锘? Dylan Loh has been actively involved in internet marketing since 2004.

He's a firm believer on the 'you-rub-my-back-I-rub-yours' mentality is the way ahead for internet marketing. He's dedicated to helping people like you succeed and he's reached half that goal with his flagshipsite at ClickbankProfitMachine.

He has a wide variety of interests. He likes to read graphic novels and is an avid collector of them (100+) and even has a site dedicated to graphic novels. Never able stand stagnation Braves Freddie Freeman Jersey , he loves taking his dog for long walks in the park and also a good game of football.

Dylan is still serving his mandatory 2 year Army service in Singapore and will be out of it come September the 8th when he'll be concentrating full time on his internet marketing interests.

Question: I've read your ebook "Clickbank Profit Machine". You really explain in plain language how to get the most out of marketing Clickbank products. Would you explain what led you to write this ebook?

Answer: Thanks for the compliment Jinger. The main impetus behind the whole book actually stems from my own frustration. My frustration at not being able to find a single book that explains in detail for the (newbie - intermediate marketer) how to work the Clickbank 'monster'.

I got parts of the picture from this book, another piece from that one and so on and so forth... It was REALLY time consuming and expensive. I wanted to create an ebook which presented alll the 'meat' to the marketer, allowing him to concentrate on doing what heshe should be doing - Making money!

Question: Why do you market Clickbank products?

Answer: My honest opinion is this: Clickbank has the best digital product download system. It's payouts are clean, simple and timely. You can be sure of finding a winner in the marketplace (to promote) because of the sheer number of merchants selling though Clickbank.

Over the years, Clickbank has achieved a 'top-of-the-mind' positioning. So when a digital retailer wants to bring his next big thing to the net, it's Clickbank that comes to the mind FIRST.

Of course, if I had it my way, I'd like to see more features incorporated. For example Nick Swisher Authentic Jersey , a 2-tier affiliate system. But the bottom line is, marketing Clickbank products is easy. Otherwise, I wouldn't have created a product based entirely on it :)

Question: What internet marketing technique do you find to be the most effective, and how do you use it? Would you tell us one or two of your best marketing tips?

Answer: Sure! I find article marketing to be very very effective for me. It's free, its fun and it has been very profitable. There's a multitude of reasons why you should get started on articles.

I'll share a little something here. An article SEO tip.

Say, you promote a muscle gaining ebook on Clickbank and want to write a few articles on it. Well, your first thought for the article would be to create an attention grabbing article title right? Maybe something like: "A sure-fire guaranteed way to build a six-pack in just 15 days!" Maybe not the best example but you can expect plenty of attention from it. BUT having a headline like this presents a problem.

Search engines pick up articles and places a greater importance on the first THREE words of an article. So essentially your words here are "a sure fire" and that doesn't build anything meaningful.

A headline like 'Build strong muscles in 15 days' would serve you better because the words 'build strong muscles' are something you'd expect your target market to search on.

I've written articles both ways (attention grabbing vs Seo) and have fairly better results with the ones that are 'seo-ed'.

For an example of an 'seo-ed' article I did, search for 'promote clickbank'. You can see several listings on the 1st and 2nd page for an article I wrote :)

Forum marketing is also another free methods I use to market products effectively. I believe Jinger has listed an article I wrote on that on her website so you can check that out as well.

Question: What trends do you see at Clickbank? What do you see in the future of affiliate marketing Nick Markakis Authentic Jersey , as well as marketing Clickbank products?

Answer: Clickbank is undergoing a revival of some sorts. It has added tons of new features and I can see it continue doing so.

I see more and more newbie marketers jumping into Clickbank and selling their hastily created products before proper research. It's true you've got to have your own product BUT to jump in without any proof of success and without any proper knowledge would spell failure.

It'll get increasingly harder to dig out good products to promote and the competition will get tougher.

Question: What projects are you currently working on, and where do you plan to take your business from here?

Answer: I'm working on a few projects at the moment. My new project has gone live not too long ago, ListProfitMachine, it's about profiting from free traffic exchanges.

I'll also have my personal marketing blog up soon at DylanLoh.

I'm in joint collaboration with a fellow marketer to create a membership site. It'll be one where we'll be testing out various advertising sources and placing a ranking system so that members will know which traffic source works and which doesn't.

I'll be rolling out a new product on article marketing. It'll be extremely comprehensive and will cover all aspects of it.

Sounds like a busy year for me!
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