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#1 by wallaces , Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:09 pm

writer Benny Cunningham Jersey , probably somebody famous, explains that they did not write anything for a year, or perhaps even longer, because of something they will probably call "writers block".

So, what is this dreaded affliction, writers block?

Well, oh, I don't know, not really, its just that well, I probably do know what it is, but I just cant, I just can't get my ideas together enough to explain it. In fact, I haven't got anything to say at all about writers block, or, indeed, anything to say about anything.

In fact, why am I here at all?

If you write, this has probably happened to you at some time, in fact, probably many Coty Sensabaugh Jersey , many times.

You know, you're sitting staring at the screen first thing in the morning, knowing that you must write something, but have no idea what that something should be!

Familiar? NO?! Man, you are the lucky one.....if that is REALLY true..

But, sorry to disillusion you, I don't think it is true!

Anyone who writes anything - articles, books, eBooks, periodicals, newsletters, magazine articles - has experienced this phenomenon at some time or another.

Especially when a deadline is fast coming upon you like an out of control express train! That utter, complete and total inability to order your thoughts, to get the cogs turning, to

You are staring not in some calm Sean Mannion Jersey , collected and in control manner, but rather, desperately, longingly, vainly trying to summon some form of divine inspiration from the hidden depths of your soul.

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