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Building decoration materials

#1 by meishengchao , Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:44 pm

Tiles: This is a kind of high temperature fired ceramic tile, is the most hard of all tiles. Sometimes the polished tiles are scratched scratches,Swimming pool decking the tiles are still safe and sound. But the price of this brick is higher. Tile is superior to granite is another new building materials, has the following advantages:

1, colorful and soft, there is no obvious color. The natural granite due to the diagenetic time, the depth of rock color difference is larger.wood-plastic composite decking 2, high-temperature sintering, complete porcelain and other mullite crystals, physical and chemical properties of stable, corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant, durable as new. Granite due to natural formation, timber time, degree of weathering are not the same, resulting in density, intensity varies,Choosing Eco Friendly Composite Decking the use of two years after the gradual loss of luster, rough surface wear, difficult to clean and affect the appearance.

3, the thickness is relatively thin, high bending strength, lightweight brick body, building load reduction. The natural granite is low in strength and bulky, which increases the load of the building and brings a series of difficulties in the process of transportation and paving.Outdoor Porch Wood Plastic Composite Railing 4, no harmful elements. Granite is a natural mineral, long-term buried in the depths of the earth's crust, without high-temperature sintering, it contains trace amounts of radioactive elements, such as long-term exposure will be harmful to health. 5, flexural strength greater than 45Mpa. While the flexural strength of granite is about 17-20Mpa.

Outdoor Decking Floor and Composite Decking Price

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