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I was on the constant run for ice and Nancy was fanning .

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Report Nationals To Hire Bud Black - RealGM Wiretap
The Washington Nationals will hire Bud Black as manager Rob Gronkowski Patriots Jersey , according to a report.

The club isn't expected to make a formal announcement until after the World Series.

Black, 58, was fired by the San Diego Padres in June when they were in third place in the National League West at 32-33.

Dusty Baker was also in the running for the job.

Activities That Make Rainy Days Fun Activities That Make Rainy Days Fun October 19, 2013 | Author: Kate Halfey | Posted in Education

If you are stuck inside due to inclement weather, especially for several days, your children might be feeling a little bit of cabin fever. These days, video games and TV seem to fill up a great deal of our indoor time Julian Edelman Patriots Jersey , but there are many other fun ways to pass the hours. To combat the boredom of having to stay indoors, consider some of the following activities that children are sure to enjoy.

Sometimes we long to be enjoying our favorite outdoor activities such as a picnic, but this event certainly can occur inside the house. It can be a great deal of fun to set out the picnic blankets and offer a basket of food to the kids and let them enjoy an indoor picnic. You can invite stuffed animals, bring along pillows and favorite books and enjoy an afternoon of eating, reading and relaxing. If you have a small tent, you can even set this up and having and “camp” indoors. Don’t forget to roast some marshmallows and tell a few camping tales.

Art projects are always a great idea, whether the day is sunny or rainy Womens Danny Amendola Jersey , but they are particularly well suited to days with inclement weather. Among the many fun art activities for kids are murals that feature the works of famous artists. These murals are available for a small fee from sites such as ArtProjectsForKids.org. They feature famous works from artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Kandinsky and much more. You simply download the pages of the mural, and your children color in the lines based upon the colors of the original painting. At the end of the day, they will have recreated an amazing famous work of art.

Other art ideas for kids include making decorations for any upcoming holiday. This could include creating paper jack-o-lanterns for Halloween or handprint turkeys for Thanksgiving. Clay and Play-do are always fun to play with, and your kids can even help you make homemade Play-do and then create whatever their hearts desire. Papier-mch is a fun, but messy way to enjoy an afternoon of creation. You can set out painting tarps for this activity or do it in the garage. Even just experimenting with different types of paint and painting techniques can be fun Womens Martellus Bennett Jersey , so break out the oil pastels, finger paints, water colors and other art supplies and let the kids be free to create.

A scavenger hunt can be a great way to spend an hour of your rainy day. Make a list of fun items to find and be sure to include a few things that are subjective, such as “something smaller than a quarter,” or “something squishy.” You can even complete an ABC scavenger hunt, where kids find something to match each letter of the alphabet. You can do a make and find scavenger hunt. This type of hunt would have them find something, complete an activity with that item and then find another item and follow that an activity and so on.

Baking or cooking is another way to pass the time. Children love to help in the kitchen Womens Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , and you could bake some bread or cookies or prepare soup for dinner or attempt any recipe you think everyone will like. Small children can stir, add ingredients and tear up lettuce leaves, while older kids can measure, chop, use the mixer and accomplish other important tasks. You could also try something interesting such as making butter or ice cream the old fashioned way. There are tons of easy recipes online.

Kate Halfey loves writing about art projects. For more information about fun art projects for kids or to find art projects like watercolor art projects for kids, please visit the ArtProjectsForKids.org website now.

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There was about six of us “summer interns” at the station, three young studs and three young delectable chicks. The rest of the permanent staff looked at us kind of like we were six hunks of fresh meat thrown into the lion’s den. The manager’s secretary Womens Tom Brady Jersey , Mrs. Periwinkle kept asking me to adjust her chair which had me looking up her skirt under the desk quite often. She had this fetish about wearing old-fashioned nylons and garters with skimpy panties and I spent a lot of time walking around with an erection that brought smiles to the female intern’s faces.

The prettiest of the summer interns was a young girl of 19 called Nancy. She told everyone her last name but I was so engrossed in looking at her boobs that I immediately forgot it.

Nancy was a big hit.

All she had to do was cross her legs or put her finger on her lip in a seductive and innocent way and the male workers were drooling like lovesick hound dogs. I guess I could include myself in that category. Every day Nancy would come to work wearing the shortest of skirts and the highest of heels that accentuated the fascinating curve of her pretty buttocks. Every time I heard the click click of her high heels coming down the hallway, I would make time to catch a peek at her bottom rolling in a tempting dance of erotic sensuousness.

About all I was getting at that time was discreet fondling of Mrs. Periwinkle’s nylons under the desk. The loss of a girlfriend had robbed me of my blowjob connection.

Nancy and I happened to be assigned to newsroom support duties on a very hot weekend and we tried our best to keep the newsreaders and the sports guy and the weathergirl reasonably happy in the studio. I was on the constant run for ice and Nancy was fanning .

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