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Fake aggrandizement wood floor feature

#1 by qizhen111 , Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:35 pm

Aggrandizement floor is cheap and fine, welcome by the masses, and the floor market good and evil people mixed up nowadays, a few illegal businessmen are shoddy, make a lot of consumption incur not little loss. So, fake what feature does aggrandizement wood floor have? Follow small make up look together.
1. Use 3 oxidation commonly the wear-resisting paper that 2 aluminous content control in 20g/m2, or need not wear-resisting paper. Low density board, (Seldom count the density in using board) , wear-resisting revolution turns in 100-3000 normally between. Use at most one, 2 years edge horn can be worn away.
2. Choose normally homebred cheap adornment paper, grain of paper flower of this kind of adornment is ambiguous, the biggest drawback is general do not fight ultraviolet ray, the meeting after sunshine illuminate fades. Why do this have some of consumer to mirror a floor to be installed namely 3, the place that the balcony, window relies on after 4 months appears the reason that become angry.
3. Base material is poorer, with medium, low density board or particieboard, quality index is not stable, formaldehyde exceeds bid badly.
4. Treatment precision is poor, and often claiming is: The entrance is big board, home opens slot.
5. Pack coarser, those who publicize an album of paintings presswork quality is poorer, content scrape together, catchword sells a dot, classics regular meeting embezzles the content of an album of paintings of big company.
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