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Salomon was born in the heart of the French Alps in 1947 and remains a mountain brand to this day.Their designs are the result of their passion for mountain sports, and the desire to push design further. With incredibly lightweight footwear to help you move fast and light in the hills,you’ll find a wide range of options for your adventure.Salomon's range of walking boots use technology that comes from their running shoe heritage.This means that you get lightweight footwear that still gives the support of a mountain boot, but with less weight, so you can move fast and free through the mountains. With technology such as salomon schuhe schweiz chassis design and their Contagrip outsole rubber, these boots will give you confidence and comfort underfoot.
If you’re bored with the monotony of pounding the pavement, incorporating some trails into your running, could be just the tonic you need to get you motivated, build fitness faster and avoid injuries caused by the repetitiveness of road running. Look at salomon schuhe outlet schweiz as a way of exploring your local environment. It’s uplifting to find yourself away from roads, cars and urban sprawl.Unlike road running, where your mind doesn’t switch off, running off tarmac allows you to completely lose yourself in the moment due to the need for 100% focus… Think “where’s my next foot position, where’s the trail leading me, uphill technique and downhill technique, what an incredible view, etc…” It allows you to totally switch off and have a breather from the hectic “always on” digital life we lead.
Trail running calls on a larger group of muscles as you adapt to the underfoot conditions. It also trains your proprioceptors (the nerve endings in your muscles which provide information about joint, angle, muscle, length and tension), giving you a better sense of balance. salomon schuhe damen günstig is what gives you the edge towards the end of a run. Interval Training is a natural by-product of trail running as the terrain dictates the intensity you work at on different sections. Varying speed and effort improves your strength and endurance by increasing your lactic acid threshold.
Less repetition = less injury. salomon schuhe herren sale makes you more susceptible to injury because your foot always hits the ground in the same way. Running off road, you hit the ground at different angles with every step, which makes you less prone to the kind of injuries road runners are susceptible to. Also, trails absorb more of the impact of each footstrike than pavements or roads.Quality not quantity. You need a different rationale when you’re trail running. It’s not about PBs and miles covered but more about time spent on your feet. The distance you’re able to cover will be dictated by the terrain, so miles are less important than time.Small changes to your running stance will be a big help. The challenges of the terrain are absorbed by a relaxed bodily suspension, minimising impact, effort and risk of collision so keep your body as relaxed as possible.

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