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need for roster flexibility in baseball today has seen many teams shift away from adding a pure pinch hitter.

"I think it's a lost art Isaiah Thomas Celtics Jersey ," Doug Melvin said. "Branch Rickey said in one of his books that pinch-hitting was overrated, because a guy in the game with three at-bats had a better chance than a guy coming off the bench cold. And it is a little bit overrated in some cases. But most of us would love to have it."

Matt Stairs, who hit the final of his 23 career pinch-hit home runs with the San Diego Padres in 2010, might have been the last of that stand-alone breed when the Washington Nationals released him in 2011.

Bench players today require the ability to play multiple positions.

"It's an evolution of the game," Buck Showalter. "I think a lot of things are going to get kind of phased out.

"That one-dimensional guy that plays really good defense or only pinch hits? You can't carry a one-dimensional guy hardly anymore. The need for more National League-type players is showing up in the American League, guys who can do a lot of things. They're valuable. And what they're getting paid has increased."

Free Grants for Single Mothers -Tips and Suggestions Hundreds of government and private institutions offer free grants for single mothers because they can fully understand that single parenting can be exceptionally difficult especially for a young and a financially unstable woman. Raising a child single-highhandedly doesn't just require physical presence and merely love for the child because there are bills to pay and foods to buy every now and then.

Those free grants for single mothers simply mean that they are offered requiring no compensation at all. For those single mothers who wish to continue their studies but in great need of a financial assistance, you can directly talk to your school counselor to help you process your papers for scholarship grants. Ask about work-study programs, state and federal subsidized grants, direct financial support from the school, and supports from religious groups, local clubs or alumni. These offers are best suited for the single mothers who want to have their college degree first before finding a decent high-paying job. If you are worried about your current financial status that might not be enough for you and your child while you are studying, you can also apply for a student loan.

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