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y Technician The Duties Of A Pharmacy Technician June 16 Clyde Drexler Jersey , 2012 | Author: julianveracruz091 | Posted in Careers
There are many tasks that can be successfully executed by a competent pharmacy technician. Some of these tasks are very simple to perform while some are a bit complicated. Complicated pharmaceutical tasks are those that involve technical aspects. Such tasks must be delegated to qualified professionals who have required certifications. Tasks that do not involve technical aspects are very easy to execute. Such tasks can be handled by anyone who has been trained on the job.

In a chemist, most employees have diplomas and certificates. In most cases in a Chemist, there will be one or two employees with degrees. Such individuals are in most cases the supervisors. Supervisors will supervise junior level staff. Such staff is made up of pharmacy aides and technicians. The salary of technicians is more than that of aides because technicians are individuals who have been certified by the medical board while aides have not been certified.

Aides are required to do all clerical work. However Chris Kaman Jersey , some chemists do not employ aides. If such is the case, clerical work will be delegated to technicians. Answering the telephone is one of the clerical duties technicians can perform. Others clerical duties in a chemist environment are arranging shelves and taking stock. Receiving cash, counting cash and filling cash records are also duties that are clerical in nature.

The success of a medical facility or a chemist hinges on a number of factors. One of these factors is proper record keeping. Record keeping is the task of clerks. Information about different stock items should be recorded. The level of stock each day should also be recorded. The cash balance at close of business needs to also be recorded.

Labeling medicine bottles and counting pills are some of the manual tasks executed by technicians. Proper labeling of all medicines saves a medical facility from legal suits. In case a consumer purchases a wrongly labeled medicine and trusts the label and proceeds to use the medicine and subsequently suffers damage C.J. McCollum Jersey , such a consumer can seek legal redress. Caution, precision and accuracy must be exercised during labeling to prevent erroneous labeling.

The technical duties of pharmacy technicians are many. One of these duties is giving patients the right medicines indicated in the prescriptions. To be able to handle this task effectively, one will be required to know the differences between the different medicines. A professional who administers drugs should know the differences between different common medicines. Such professionals should for example know the difference between pain killers and cough tablets. Technicians should also know the different brands of a

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