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Pre-painted aluminum coil for sale

#1 by Sebahtstian , Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:46 pm


1)Alloy:8011/3003/1100 series,State: H18,H16,H14,H22,H24,H26 etc.

2)Thickness: 0.15mm-1.5mm

3)Alu coil width: 900mm-2000mm

4)Max. dia. of coated coil: 1500mm,ID: 405mm,505mm。

5)Coil weight: 2.5T/coil,3.0T/coil (as customers' request)

6)Front side of alu board: fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating, epoxy coating;

Back side of alu board: polyester coating, epoxy coating

7)Glossiness:As requested

8)Coating thickness:fluorocarbon:≥25um polyester:single coating ≥18um,double coating ≥25um,triple coating ≥32um

9)Coating hardness:(pencil hardness)≥HB

10)Adhesion:No less than 1 grade

11)Shock resistance: No paint loss, no crack (50KG/CM,ASTMD-2794:1993)

12)Coating flexibility:2T

13)Package:standard, wooden pallet

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