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Advantages of editing

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Advantages of editing
The advantages of small oil press nine aspects:
1, a key control, simple and easy;
2, low-speed high-torque DC motor, a slight noise, quiet enjoy delicious;
3, modular components, split design, easy to clean and easy to wash components.
4, oil cup, slag cup: transparent PC raw materials, easy to clean oil, high temperature, good impact resistance.
5, shell: temperature PC raw materials, excellent oil resistance, easy to clean.
6, black crystal ceramic liner: enamel process, wear, high temperature, easy to clean.
7, stirring leaves: silicone material, oil, high temperature.
8, squeeze chamber, squeeze rod: 304 stainless steel raw materials, crushing process does not occur any chemical reaction.
9, as long as the buckle on both sides, you can put the top of the machine removed, squeeze the squeeze force gently pull a pull can be separated.
Remove the stainless steel components to wash, wash soy milk machine is more simple, so convenient, so that life becomes more clean and more relaxed.
maintenance new design corn flake flaking mill wholesale online
(A) after 50 hours of work should be checked after the lubrication, the gear box above the oil cup shall not be short of oil, squeeze the axis of
adjustment screw bearings should be adjusted from the screw hole in each class of butter once,
(B) the oil parts should prevent the intrusion of dust and other impurities, the annual need to check the gearbox oil quality once and found deterioration,
should replace all the oil.
(3) When the crush is reduced, the cake or the oil is not normal, it should be squeezed out of the screw, check the screw, squeeze, out of the cake ring wear,
wear parts to be replaced.
(D) after the end of each class work, should be removed within the machine residual cake, clean the surface of the machine dust, grease.
(5) after the end of the production season, crunchy oats snacks corn flakes production linelong-term storage should be carried out a maintenance, and squeeze the screw, squeeze, a cake ring wash and wash oil,
put in a dry place.

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