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Asics Gel Lyte 5 Womens ewqe123

#1 by sooo , Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:24 pm

Nike Free RN Flyknit, worthy heiress of the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit. I have been following the Nike Free range for a while now for the minimalist look and foot work that it allows. But I'll come back to that. Because the Nike Free RN Flyknit is an atypical running shoe "feel bare foot". But let's put the sales pitch aspect of the "natural run" of the brand to the comma side as it "markette" at the same time a whole bunch of running shoes that do the whole reverse. This does not take away the interest of this Nike Free. Very different from the classic shoe model that we know and which therefore offers interesting possibilities to progress if used in the proper context.

The technologies of cushion of air Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme cushion or other Zoom are here absent, the cushioning is not what interests us on this shoe. The concept is to reproduce to the maximum what your Nike Roshe Run Mujer foot could do if you removed the shoe. With a pair of Nike Free RN Flyknit on the feet, one can move the feet in all directions, without any feeling of constraint. The sole is entirely "cut" in small hexagon and can therefore be twisted in all directions, if you compare with a classic shoe, you can see the difference. If you add the Flyknit footwear, the shoe fits perfectly to my foot, from all angles.

The foot moves perfectly, it is very flexible, it is also light (<200g). Until then, the majority of the criteria of minimalism are respected. A flat all the same on the drop which is 8mm and the height of the sole that is not what would be considered purely minimalist. It could be called Adidas Gazelle Womens semi-minimalist in the end, which is already a giant step compared to classic running models!

This Nike Free RN Flyknit is perhaps not a pure minimalist Adidas ZX 750 Femme like a Vibram FiveFingers for example but it is still enough to require a gradual transition. That is, if you buy this Nike Free RN Flyknit and you run in classic shoes, you will not have to go on an adventure and make a complete out with. No, you will have to use it little by little. The last kilometer of your exit, then 2km, then 3km ... You'll feel it, this type of shoe over-uses the Achilles tendon and the muscles of the foot compared to a classic shoe. This is a very good thing, but when you're not used to it, you have to be careful because injuries to those places are difficult to deal with. Especially if you have a heel attack pronounced, be careful!

In a more classic Asics Gel Lyte 5 Womens shoe, the foot is oriented and the thrust is largely directed by the shoe, without taking advantage of the natural rebound effect of the foot. The Nike Free RN Flyknit is passive and it is the muscles of the foot that are engines, so you have to push the ground to move forward. It's pretty nice but you feel it's also more energy consuming at first! So these are good training shoes, not made to go especially fast. Their goal is to make your feet work to make you stronger muscularly the day you show up on a starting line. If you buy them for this purpose, no doubt that they will be formidable.

Whether on physical training exercises or on slow jogging, the Nike Free RN Flyknit are really ideal. If you want a performance-oriented shoe, go your way, it's not really its niche. It responds well when accelerated, but it is not Nike Air Max 90 Donna oriented towards the dynamism that you can look for your competitions. More effective than words, the video below comes directly from Nike. You will quickly understand the benefits of the Flyknit sole and footwear!

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