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What is the method of Brother printer cartridge cleared?

#1 by adtozhou , Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:47 pm

First, ALL series (HL2040, HL2070N), AL series (HL5240, HL5250DN)
1. Make sure the printer is turned on and the drum light is flashing to open the front cover of the printer. 2. Press and hold the GO button for about four seconds until all the lights are on. After the four indicators are lit, release the GO button.

Second, ALL-FB / ALL-SF (MFC7420 / 7220 / DCP7010 / 7025 / FAX2820)
1. Make sure that the front cover is open and then press the Option button on the control panel 2. For DCP Series machines: Replace Drum? Press the ▲ key. When the Accepted message appears, close the front cover.
For the MFC series of machines: When the Replace Drum? Message appears on the screen, press the number 1. When the Accepted message appears, close the front cover.

Third, FAX8370
1. Load the new brother toner tn660 unit and keep the front cover open. 2. Press the "Clear" button. When "ACCEPTED" is displayed, press 1, then close the front cover.

Fouth, HL1850 / 1870N / 6050D / 6050DN open the front cover, hold down the "run (GO)" button until ">>>> DRUM CLEAR" information appears in the LCD screen.

Fifth, FAX2880
The new cartridge with plastic sheet, please do not remove, into the machine after the drum will automatically spit out the rotation. The spit out of the plastic sheet triggers the paper exit sensor and resets the drum counter. If the plastic sheet is removed first, the brother toner cartridge can not be reset. The LCD displays "CHANGE DRJUM SOON". The solution is as follows: Symptom: FAX2880 LCD always shows "CHANGE DRJUM SOON", although just changed the cartridge or motherboard.
Workaround: Adjust the firmware switch value. The eighth selector of WSW31 is used to display "CHANGE DRJUM SOON".
1. Enter the maintenance mode.
2. Press the number keys 1,0, the LCD displays WSW00
3. Enter 3, 1, LCD display WSW31 = *******
4. Use the right arrow to move the cursor to bit 8 (the rightmost one)
5. Enter 1, then press the "SET" button.

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