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How to solve the problem of the printed paper will appear scattered toner?

#1 by adtozhou , Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:50 pm

1. The printed paper will appear scattered toner, this phenomenon may appear in the print page on the front, there may be on the back, but its scope is limited to a fixed position on the surface.

The reason for this failure may be caused by the type, weight, or finish of the print media that does not meet the requirements of the printer. You can try to replace the printed paper. If the background brother tn450 toner appears when printing envelopes, there may be Seam parts of the print results, you just move the printed document to the location of no seam on the line, of course, if there is a whole envelope on the background of the emergence of samsung toner diffusion, then there may be the print density is not appropriate , You can choose the appropriate print density from the Print Quality Category menu of the Remote Control Panel of the Explorer package. Normally, the fault can be lost. If this fault occurs in the print job Back, then there may be due to the toner inside the overflow caused by the toner.

2. The printed paper will appear all the black pages of the whole page - there is no handwriting output.

The cause of the failure may be that the toner cartridge is not installed or the toner cartridge is defective to cause the toner to leak a lot in excess of the entire page, so you can remove the toner cartridge and reinstall it. NOTE: Be sure to push the cartridge in a stable position when installing the toner cartridge.

3. The printed paper will be missing - that is, the characters are not printed or are not printed at all, so that the entire job can not be clearly read.

The reason for this type of failure may be that the page is printed with a problem, you can print a page to try, if this is still possible to print the concentration of the choice is not appropriate, you can through the Explorer package Of the Remote Control Panel Print Quality Category menu to select the appropriate print density; of course, there may be uneven paper temperature or damage due to inconsistencies in the production process, so you can first switch to other manufacturers Try the paper.

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