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The European bank and Drug Administration will move out of London

#1 by cigshotsale , Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:33 pm

The European Banking authority will move to Paris

The consequences of Britain's removal from Europe are beginning to emerge. 20, as a regulator of the European bank, the European Banking #cigshotsale authority decided to move its headquarters from London to Paris, France, by March 2019. The European Banking authority said it would ensure continuity of the authority's own work, and that uncertainty would disappear. The European Banking authority believes that France can help them successfully complete their migration.

The European Banking authority was established in 2011 to undertake pressure tests on European banks, to maintain fair and healthy competition within the European Union's banking sector, and to intervene in banks with poor supervision. The European Banking newport short cigarettes authority site is located in London, because London is the world's leading international financial center, many international banks have their headquarters here.

The European Medicines Agency will move to Amsterdam

EU member states voted 20 days, after the British "Ou Ou", will be the current headquarters in London, the European Medicines administration moved to Holland, Amsterdam.

The European Medicines Agency is one of the world's largest drug regulators, employing about 900 pharmaceutical experts, biologists and physicians from all over europe. After the British decision to "take off Europe", many EU countries have submitted applications for the European Medicines administration to move to the country. In Monday's vote, Holland won Amsterdam, second in Italy and third in Denmark, Copenhagen, Milan. Voting Cheapest Cigarette countries believe that Amsterdam's geographical location, as well as its application in the provision of buildings and facilities is the most appropriate.

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