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Jeepers Creepers II

#1 by cigsnewport , Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:26 pm

Legend has it that the Ogre with marlboro red cigarettes a bat wing has revived, waking up from sleep every 23 years and eating a 23 day long feast with human as its main dish......
A team just got the gold #cigsnewpo medal champion County high school basketball team sitting in the bus in addition to the triumph, fellow players and coaches in high and vigorous spirits, and the team manager, the players and a group of friends pretty active cheerleading girl. The bus opened nine highway soon strange suddenly broke down, the driver helplessly, want to walk around for help, highway nine is really quiet and desolate, even find a call to. No, everyone has to wait in the car.
Soon, dark, bored young people unwilling here helplessly waiting, so people began to coach online menthol smoking regardless of action without warning, then the nightmare begins, the players were alone in the dark like the devil as rapidly flying monster attack and plunder, and soon, the trapped the group realized that they have fallen into the trap of cannibal Legends, online new smoking became the collective hunting period ogre coveted delicacy. Of course all unwilling so be monster to eat belly, but the cannibals like ghost in the dark, it haunts and move rapidly, and occupy a deadly air superiority, in order to survive, young people must be beyond their fear and cowardice, then all of them together to come and fight it, be a slim chance of survival......

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Re: Games

#2 by vishal23 , Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:47 pm

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3.15mm enameled rectangular aluminum wire
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