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​Stone mill flour machine installation and test what steps to follow it

#1 by concretemixer , Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:23 pm

Stone mill flour machine installation and test what steps to follow it
Stone flour machine in use after a period of time there will be a decline in output, should be tightened spring,
making the distance between the two roller mill flour is consistent. Taixing Xiaobian below to tell you how to install and debug stone flour machine?
First, stone flour machine placed in place to be stable, and fixed with the ground screw.
Second, before the test should first stone milling machine cavity cleaning,european standard of 50t/d wheat flour mill
and the front cover with a star-shaped handle lock.
Third, the power, you should pay attention to the order, and then the spindle in accordance with the instructions in the direction of rotation.
Fourth, the test should pay attention to the stone flour machine is abnormal noise, once found to immediately stop the flour machinery troubleshooting and maintenance.
Design and Research of Magnetic Sorting Feeder System in Flour Machinery
   Flour machinery color sorting machine electromagnetic vibration feeding system is AC220V power supply, the use of SCR as the power
of the original, by adjusting the size of SCR trigger angle to control the voltage of the excitation wire foot, thus controlling the
size of the feed, control the silicon current Of the waveform, but through this way to power the flour machinery, the color selection
machine feeding system faces the following questions.2015 automatic fmfj flour roller mill small flour mill
Flour machinery using SCR feeder flow is too small, only the excitation coil current reaches a maximum, then the electromagnetic force maximum,
but due to the mechanical inertia of flour machinery lag, after a certain period of time, the shrapnel to achieve maximum deformation, When the
shrapnel begins to be released, the current of the excitation coil is not completely released, but gradually decreases, and the electromagnetic force gradually decreases.

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