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Five medical student is planning on death mystery, the experiments were conducted in a night: they take turns lying on the operation room Cigarettes Online Store in the state of death, then the students keep alive. Cigarettes Cheap But when the excitement and sense of achievement again disappeared, even with appalling terrorist response that lingering......
Nelson is a student in the Affiliated Hospital of University of Chicago. In order to find out whether he will enter another world after he dies, he takes the anesthetic "death" for a minute: the wave curve displayed on the screen of the pulse detector becomes a straight line.
His colleagues use all medical means to save them. The resurrected Nelson said he saw an exciting image in his death, his touch was more acute, but he was entangled in nightmare: Billy, Mahoney, who was killed by his insult in his nightmare, beat him up.
The second of the well - colored Joe received the experiment and saw a pornographic scene in a half of his death, proving #Trewzcvvbn that a person has a variety of Newport Menthol 100S "experiences" after death. When Joe came alive, he also had a variety of hallucinations: the girls he had sought to sue him on the TV screen. The third male student, David, who was able to drop out of school, carried out this "reincarnation trip" and was willing to extend the time of death to Cigarettes Tobacco Product Tobacco two minutes.
The sick girl, Rachel, revisited his father's suicide in five minutes of death. Since then, people who have been tested have been puzzled by hallucinations: Nelson is threatened by Billy Mahoney; Joe sees the girls who used to be abused and sneer at him; Rachel's father's ghost often visits her. From then on, Nelson believes that the experiment is a fault or a mistake that makes people re - experience the past.
Encouraged by David, Rachel was relieved from his worries after remembering all his father's death. Nelson was willing to be responsible for Billy's death. Therefore, he died again. With the help of his friends, Nelson returned to the world.

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UAAP finals heartbreak will be a lesson to La Salle's Mbala
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