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My father with Marlboro cigarettes

#1 by cigshotsale , Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:53 pm

When I was 11 years old, my father announced the cessation of smoking Marlboro cigarettes, which is the only father did not break my promise to quit Buy Cheap

Tobacco smoking, after that, I will not steal. I'm still not how clever, but I really tame many. I admit that I love my father more than my mother, #Trewzcvvbn but she always washes the quilt for me. A few

years later, I was very sad when I thought of my mother to leave, but also more difficult to their own apathy. Mother always said I was my father's shadow, like the quiet and reserved, no wonder I always kiss

dad but not mother! Mother leaved that evening, I will save the years of Marlboro cigarette peremptorily to find out, many of the moldy managed to find a few good, ordered personally to the father to send. I

lean on the window and look into the rain. Suddenly found that for a long time did not use the washboard has been paved with a layer of green downy moss on top of a long a lonely mushroom. For many years

this portrait of a fitted with the frame of the painting hanging in front, essential also brandish does not go. And father, from that time on, began to smoke. And this time, I don't have to say anything anymore. I

began to emerge from a clever man, but I am no longer a kid.
My father and I had a very peaceful and happy time. My father came back from work every time, and I was ready for the meal. Of course, the rice stalls to buy, in fact, I will only boil water. After dinner are

generally father to clean up the dishes, and sat down to a leisurely smoke a Marlboro cigarette, as if in the world all can relax my in the swallow spit. At that time, I always think of a word: Marlboro is also a kind

of self sacrifice.To be honest, smoking will make a person's life expectancy shortened 10 years. But for the father, that is a daughter in exchange for the peaceful life of a sacrifice, the sacrifice of their own health.

I wouldn't have any objection to the anti smoking campaign, I also strongly opposed teenagers learn to smoke, but everyday I happily sorted out accidentally sow the soot, and then I think of the washboard

mushrooms, then laugh, like today's calm and no fear of family violence in the world is caused by cigarette, really, I will very sincere to the Marlboro Wholesale

friend said I am very happy.
Only let me feel a failure, although every day I are very seriously, do the housework, but people always insisted in our house no woman. Father is not a casual person, never find another woman to be my mother,

but he is very polite to ask my advice. I am very happy. He finally took me as an adult. I happily agreed, because I think the washboard lonely mushroom, think of daily bedside father bomb fell helpless cigarette

butts, I will feel sad, he is ought to find a woman. 16 years old that year, a summer, my father Sell Cigarettes brought a woman back. When father some unprepared for

how to introduce, I broke my father, happily called her aunt, and very cute smile. My father, without a sigh, came out and took my Newport Wholesale shoulder, then

turned to her and said, my daughter! At that time, I take advantage of the according Marlboro Buy Online to his father's arms, smelling his body and light a Marlboro

cigarette, sleepily to this sleep in the past and never wake up. Daughter is father's lover, she pursued the life from the past. In this life, my father finally has his own lover, and the daughter can also stop for a while.

but, happiness has no connect with Marlboro cigarettes.

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