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Picking Fruit From A Tree To Feed The Family And Profit

#1 by deendayal , Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:52 am

Farmers love to have a large turn out of fruit or whatever crop they plant because the more crop the more food to eat or more money to be made. Unfortunately especially in the case of fruit, it is not always picked at the right time. Even experienced farmers may have problems with crop. An early winter or a hard freeze or a drought. Even besides those there is the problem of early pickers.

There are many early pickers including rodents, insects, birds. A farmer can spray pesticides which might be unhealthy and may not work completely from these pickers. There are less dangerous pesticides today but a farmer wants to spend as little as needed on their fruit to minimize expense. They may use a scare crow or shiny pans but this may not scare away all critters so a farmer can still lose a good percentage of their fruit to these fruit pickers. A farmer just has to accept some loss and use whatever preventative means they have at their disposal that would not incur too much expense. The fewer critter pickings obviously the better the yield. One other picker the farmer may have to watch our for is the family or kids. If you will eat the fruit this is fine but as long as the fruit is ready to be picked or at an edible stage of growth. If all is well then the farmer themselves will have the pleasure of picking their own fruit.

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