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Can you quit smoking overnight by drinking a dangerous dose of nicotine

#1 by cigshotsale , Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:49 pm

I used to teach a 7 day stop smoking program, it was 15 steps a day that if you could do for 7 days straight, you'd be a non-smoker by the end of it. The program was all about turning off mental switches that triggered cravings. I was teaching the program with a new teaching partner to one person who was struggling with the 15 steps Cigarettes Online Buy, my new partner introduced a drastic 24hr option he knew of, and had apparently had remarkable success with, that he claimed was 100% effective, but came with some amount of risk Best Cigarettes Online.

He said that if you were to boil a pack of cigarettes, and drink it like tea, that you would be a non-smoker over night. The rationale was that there is a deadly dose of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes Best Site To Buy Cigarettes, if you were to extract it and inject it into your blood stream it could kill you, but most of the nicotine in cigarettes gets burnt away while smoking, so by boiling your cigarettes you get as much of the pure nicotine out as possible Cheapest Duty Free Cigarettes. After drinking the tobacco sludge, the subject is required to smoke one last cigarette, but because their body is overloaded with nicotine, it responds with violent vomiting (assuming you made it as far as lighting the cigarette before vomiting). From that day after, all the mental switches that used to trigger cravings, instead trigger the memory of that awful mortal illness cause by that nicotine sludge, and you never smoke again.

The guy never went through with the 24hr option, but I know of at least one smoker I worked with at a different job who apparently tried it years later after telling him about it one day. He came back the next morning and said, "That cigarette potion you told me about, it works, I tried it, it make me sicker than a dog Buy Menthol Cigarettes, and then I was up all night trying to clean the smoke smell out of my house." He apparently spent the next couple days scrubbing his house down from top to bottom with all sorts of chemicals, and washed all his clothes to try and get the smell out, I think he even said he had to throw some stuff away just because he couldn't get rid of the smell. Months later he said the slightest hint of an ash tray still made him want to gag.

Is this really as effective as it's supposed to be? I can't find anything online that either confirms or busts this as a myth. Seems to me if it is as effective as is claimed, then it'd put nicorette and all those other expensive stop smoking drugs out of business, and free a lot of people from the clutches of nicotine addictions if it became more widely known about.
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