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How Electronic Cigarettes Changed My Life

#1 by cigscheaper , Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:30 pm

I am going to share with you a story that is very personal - the story of how I quit smoking. It's not a story that I like to share very often, because I feel that there is such a stigma to the act of smoking that I sometimes get a bad reaction when people even find out that I used to smoke, even though I don't anymore.

However, now I feel that I really must share my story because of the fact that I know there are so many smokers out there, suffering, wishing that they had an answer. Since I have found that answer, it would be the ultimate in selfishness for me to keep that answer to myself for as silly a reason as being afraid of what strangers might think of me.

When I was smoking, I felt afraid every single day, wondering what the habit was doing to my health. I desperately wanted to quit, but my addiction had an absolute hold on me. I could not find a method that would work for me, and I tried plenty.

My experience with most of my attempts to quit smoking was that I could be strong for the first few days, but after that, the lure of cigarettes was simply too strong. I had to go back. Before I knew it, I had a cigarette back between my fingers and I was raising it to my lips.

With feelings of guilt and shame were almost overwhelming. I wondered, if I was really a strong person, why couldn't I just stopped through sheer force of will? And if that wasn't possible Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, then why couldn't I find something to help me - something that would really work?

This is where electronic cigarettes came in Newport Cigarettes Website. When I tried my first electronic cigarette, I knew that I had finally found the thing that would work for me.

Because of the fact that electronic cigarettes have no smell Cheapest Cigarettes, I can actually use them around other people without them getting upset.

Also, my lungs are not being coated with the horrible chemicals and thick black tar that they were when I was smoking up to a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis Buying Cigarettes Online.

It also eliminates something that I felt horrible about when I was smoking, which was inflicting second hand smoke on the people around me. No more clouds of noxious fumes following me around, and attaching to my clothes and hair!

Lastly, because the level of nicotine which is delivered through the electronic cigarette mechanism is fully adjustable by me, the user, I am able to gradually wean myself off of my nicotine addiction, as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that if electronic cigarette reviews did not come into my life Marlboro Lights Carton, I would still be spending all my money on my pack-a-day cigarette habit and puffing myself right into an early grave, one cigarette at a time.
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