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The user experience of magic wave mifo U0 Bluetooth headphone

#1 by adtozhou , Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:48 pm

If you like to talk for a long time, if you often drive on the road, if you often work at the same time also need to communicate, then you must have a bluetooth headphones.

No matter what digital products, I do not want a day or two to charge, it will be very troublesome, and for a Bluetooth headphone, the greater size of the bluetooth headphones, its life will be longer, the magic wave mifo U0 Bluetooth headphone. The main hit the lightweight, portable, so the Bluetooth headphone call life will not be too long, this little Bluetooth headphone is actually only 3,4 hours of battery life, although the light and long battery for the Bluetooth headphone It is difficult to have both, but do not forget, magic wave mifo U0 Bluetooth headphone is to have a mobile charging room, after all, we can not call each time more than 3,4 hours, do not use the Bluetooth headphone, Mifo U0 Bluetooth headphone into the mobile charging compartment, let it automatically charge, with the use of red, when the power is full, it will automatically stop charging, not overshoot. And with the mobile charging room, the actual call life will be more than 20 hours, so that the battery life is enough to spike on the market all the traditional Bluetooth headphone, after all, most of the Bluetooth headphone call time only a few hours only.

Magic wave mifo U0 Bluetooth headphone pairing is the best headphones for working out, click on the button to boot, and then open the Bluetooth on the phone side, click will be able to automatically connect, do not need to enter any password, very convenient, if the match once, after each use, As long as the boot can be automatically connected, very convenient.

In fact, most of the headphones are not waterproof and dustproof, and only recently more popular sports headphones joined the waterproof and dustproof function, you know now more than half of the headphone is damaged, in fact, because the headphones are damp or enter, if your Headphones can be waterproof and dustproof, you can greatly extend the life of the headphone, if the price of two Bluetooth headphone, one can not waterproof dust, and the other can be waterproof and dustproof, I prefer to choose waterproof and dusty Bluetooth Headphones, in the use of the process can be more unscrupulous use, without fear that it will be damaged.

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