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#1 by alisa086 , Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:08 am

Itís important to also note that the question to Emmert was phrased Newport Cigarettes Shop,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Sale oddly. The only way gender really applies in the context of paying players is because two menís sports are the moneymakers for universities. If college athletic departments prospered on the backs of its womenís basketball and soccer programs the core argument to compensate players more fairly doesnít change.

Without getting into the particulars of how schools would pay players and how much they would pay them, it does seem reasonable to believe that low-revenue sports would get cut to help athletic departments balance budgets in a scenario that Emmert outlines above. But itís a talking point against an argument that isnít very widespread.

The NCAA and most college sports fans know the most sensical option to Newport cigarettes,newport box 100s menthol cigarettes compensate athletes is to let them receive endorsement money and other compensation for their likeness. How can you argue against a player being unable to capitalize off his or herselfís image? Itís a relatively easy rule the NCAA could change without impacting the budgets of its athletic departments.

Yet here we are, writing about the latest strawman argument the NCAA is making against treating players fairly. If the NCAAís member schools were as committed to true athlete reforms as they are to finding ways to defend the current (and outdated) model, things would look a lot different.

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