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What is the develop trend of concrete mixer truck for sale?

#1 by What is the develop trend of con ( Guest ) , Mon May 07, 2018 10:14 pm

With the fierce competition in the concrete industry and rising oil prices, the industry profits will continue declines, the demands of the operating costs of vehicles will be higher and higher, then how to reduce fuel consumption is the key. JS Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer for sale itself is a large source of pollution, and now the community increasingly attached to environmental protection, some measures to reduce environmental pollution is bound to put on the agenda. The development of intelligent technology and GPS technology has provided the possibility of performance improvement of concrete mixer trucks, especially in the upper part. Energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent, human and information technology will be the develop trend of CM Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for sale.

Through the intelligent design of the hydraulic system of the concrete mixer truck for sale, the constant speed control of the stirring cylinder, the storage and maintenance of the engine load, the running time and the working state storage and recording, the self-diagnosis of the hydraulic system failure can be carried out. To ensure the quality of concrete, at the same time also reduce vehicle fuel consumption, improve product economy. The humanized design of the discharging device can realize the hoisting height and the angle adjustment and testing, reduce the labor intensity and save the labor cost.

What is the develop trend of con


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