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What pumping mechanism is used in a concrete pumping boom truck?

#1 by What pumping mechanism is used i ( Guest ) , Tue May 08, 2018 6:43 pm

Today, concrete pump truck is widely used in the case of aerial work in construction site, for it has many advantages than other pump type,concrete pump truck is popular in project. EP machinery is willing to popularize the advantages of the Haomei concrete pump truck for sale.

1, The good stability, concrete pump truck uses X leg for the front leg, the rear leg adopts an expansion leg, and every pump truck through hanging weight simulation actual mining level straight rotated 365 degrees, absolutely no overturned happened.Sexy woman click to watch Concrete Boom Pump Truck.
2, The strong adaptability to construction operation, wide scope of operation, the conveying pipe can be laid to other hard-to-reach places.
3, The high mechanization degree, less labor needed, simple construction organization. High compressive strength, suitable for structural materials.
4, Adopt the Siemens computer control, with functions of automatic lifting speed, the engine speed closed-loop control, especially save fuel cost when pumping concrete efficient, average fuel consumption of 0.5 l/m3. And other enterprises adopt relay control with high fuel consumption.Sexy woman click to watch Truck Mounted Concrete Pump.
5, The construction efficiency of concrete pump truck is high, the work progress is fast, and good work-ability together with the steel. Thermal expansion coefficient of concrete IS similar to steel, mechanical characteristics can complement each other, and cohesive force is strong with reinforced, can be made of reinforced concrete, expand the range of application.
6, Adopted imported electric proportional multi-way valve and remote control, arm can not shake when fixed-point control, and other enterprises adopt domestic switch multi-way valve control, boom shake violently. The stability of the boom control is worse than Haomei. And Haomei's boom pump truck adopt plunger pump, high pressure oil cylinder pressure, and other enterprises to adopt is a gear pump.

So, if you need a qualified concrete pump truck for sale with high automatic control, high efficiency and low cost, EP machinery is the best manufacturer for you.

What pumping mechanism is used i


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