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What We Don't Need To Learn The Extroverted Hard Way

#1 by cigsbrand , Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:12 pm

Truths for Introverts Who Sell: What We Don't Need To Learn The Extroverted Hard Way - Part One

Extroverts probably created the rules for succeeding in business Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. How about that assured place of meeting people to either do business with or connect you with people who can? Some extrovert no doubt, came up with happy hour. An hour or more in a smoke-filled bar Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, with many people, talking loudly, face-to-face networking, meeting as many people as possible and tallying the success of all this with a collection of business cards! Gasp, gag and puke; a few thoughts and feelings of an introvert Newport Cigarettes For Sale.

What can get tucked away in a far corner to consider that an introvert can sell successfully, is that introverting behaviors can be leveraged to be successful in sales. Some of the behavioral preferences of introversion go further to satisfy a customer need to buy and help an introvert play the business game to win.

The business rules we think we have to play by are just that, rules we think we play. Introverts love to plan!

A key trait for introversion. Thinking things through, speaking plans to ourselves, writing things out. Much of our world is action-oriented and doing. Introverts find it easier and are more natural to plan before taking action.

The basics of any sales or business planning provides specific and organized information to ensure achievement Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. The introvert head is the sandbox for such a creative and organized essential, whether in business or personal life. It can be thought, spoken or written, but planning in business is as necessary as blueprints are to an architect.

As an introvert, a real happy hour is an hour on a meditative walk to sort through and organize ideas, or a small group meeting at Starbucks, planning that next step with coffee or chai latte.

This is just one introvert trait for strategic use in the extroverted business world. Where rewards are based on doing by planning the likelihood of results is higher, with fewer surprises and with greater flexibility when mistakes happen Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.

Pat Weber - coach, certified telelcass leader, and corporate trainer, America's #1 Coach for Introverts. Working with salespeople, independent professionals and small business owners, to be as successful as you want to be, have fun and work with more energy.
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