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Continual Improvement Through Continual Learning

#1 by cigspriced , Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:38 am

In the physical world, according to Newton, once something is in motion, it tends to stay in motion, until something happens to slow it down. In the case of a car, cruising at the speed limit, if you were to cut power from the engine, it would begin to coast to a stop. Air resistance, road friction, and a dozen other factors would sap the vehicle's speed in fairly short order Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. And if you let go of the wheel, bumps and irregularities in the road will quickly cause it to wander off course.

The same is true in the when working with organizations. You can put a plan into motion, but without the proper motivating force, it will begin to lose speed and direction. And Lean management is no exception.

The concept of Kaizen, continual improvement and growth, is not just a suggestion but a key element to the long term success of your system. It is the 5thS of the 5S method, and it is what will keep you from losing many of the benefits that you gained through your system implementation.

Kaizen takes effort, planning, attention to detail, and a commitment to doing what is required to succeed.

Kaizen training is important to keeping your system moving properly for a number of reasons:

It is necessary for new hires or workers transferred from an area where Lean is not in use Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. You can't expect new people to fall into the flow of things without a rigorous training course. Refresher courses are also important. Its skills and knowledge will fade with time, and need to be re-enforced on a regular basis. Developing new skills for more advanced initiatives. By bringing new elements into your system, you will

a. Increase productivity and improve key aspects of your operation.

b. Improve morale by providing new challenges for your work force.

c. Make your organization more competitive.

To continue with the vehicle analogy, Lean has many built in system designed to keep operations on track and facilitate continual improvement. Chief among these is Communications and the Visual Management System.

These systems rely on vary simple methods to accomplish the task of communications. Simple elements like:

Notice boards: Used to communicate information, schedule changes, and status updates to the workforce in a quick and easy to use manner. Designed to be tied or taped to area being discussed Newport Cigarettes For Sale, provide a strong sense of ownership for the workforce who appreciate the opportunity to participate in the process, and are unfortunately often neglected once a system is on line. Unfortunate because it is a key element to Kaizen Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, by providing:

A thousand pairs of eyes looking for small problems before they become big ones. New ideas on how to improve the system from the people who use it every day Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. A look at the facility from a production point of view.

Training and communications are just two ways that you can keep your system on track, and continue to reap benefits of increased efficiency and profit for years to come.
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