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How To Escape A Fire In A Communal Building

#1 by cigsbrand , Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:35 pm

When we think about the possibility of a fire breaking out in our own home it can seem unlikely. After all, if you're responsible, have installed all the necessary fire prevention measures, and have plenty of common sense in reserve, it's not likely you'll start a fire. However, if you live in a communal building such as a block of flats, a residential home, or you spend time away from home in a hotel, it's not just you and your immediate family who could pose a hazard. You have no control over how well prepared, or how safe anyone else in the building is. So, with that in mind it makes sense to ensure you are fully prepared for all eventualities Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online.

If you spot a fire that's out of control you need to alert the fire service by calling 999 Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. Remember to -

If you are able to, you can help slow a fire down by closing doors as you escape the building. Any door can help slow a fire down because it minimizes the amount of oxygen available to the fire, plus the fire also has to burn through this barrier to reach the next space. Once you reach the ground floor, the easiest way to escape will most likely be through the building's fire exit doors. This style of door usually has a 'panic bar' which is a bar that spans the width of the door and that you can push down on easily to release the door and access the outside.

Once you are outside of the building make your way to the assembly point. If you don't know where this is, just make sure you move to a point that's out of the way of the burning building. The far corner of a building's car park is often used as an assembly point Newport Cigarettes For Sale.

Making sure you - and the rest of the residents - get out safely when a fire breaks out in a communal building is top priority. So don't waste time gathering precious personal items - these extra minutes could be the difference between life and death - or at least escaping without injury or with Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes.

In terms of giving yourself the best chance of getting out of a burning building it's wise to do some prep first. Make yourself aware of where fire escapes and fire exit doors are. Check out the escape plan and where the assembly point is Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. And always use stairs in a fire - never a lift.

The old saying 'knowledge is power' is totally applicable in the case of fire. So arm yourself with as much information as possible about the communal building you're in and take part in practice fire drills too.
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