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How To Get The Top Spot In The 7 Pak

#1 by cigsbrand , Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:37 pm

Using their search bots and spiders, they crawl millions of listings daily looking for information about local businesses and then compile what they find into a Places listing.

As mentioned before, this is done at no cost to the business owner but it behooves the owner to claim the listing and verify that the information contained is correct.

The bots and spiders look at local business directory companies, online telephone listings, websites, review sites and many other internet listings to find this information.

Once the local business listing is created by Google, it is up the business owner to update it with relevant and helpful information. This includes correct address and phone number, hours of operation, services provided, photos, videos, reviews and many other attributes of the business.

The criterion Google uses to rank a Places listing includes accuracy and citations. A citation could also be called a back link to the listing and in Google's eyes, if a relevant quality website or other Internet content links back to the listing, this is a good indication of a quality Places listing and there is a very good chance of it being listed higher then another Places listing that isn't accurate or have quality citations linking to it.

A huge mistake business owners or the companies who optimize the Google Places listing make is not checking for accuracy for every single piece of information floating around the Internet about the business Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online.

For example, if a company moves or changes their telephone number, the new address/phone number must be changed on every single Internet asset that the search engine bots and spiders will find.

One must understand that the search engines are very literal and when they find one address or phone number in one place then a different address or phone number in another place Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, this will have a disastrous affect on the ranking of the Places listing.

To help one understand better, the search engine's first goal is to give their customer, the searcher, the most accurate reply to their search question as fast as possible. They will not show an incorrect listing first in the rankings if there are other accurate listings to show instead.

Just by having accurate information compared to the other listings in the local industry niche could catapult it to the first rank.

The best way to get the first place listing is by having a high number of accurate citations linking back to the Google Places listing. At first thought this may seem difficult, but because of the dozens of local search business listing companies, this is within reach of anyone willing to spend some time creating a local search listing with these companies Newport Cigarettes For Sale.

A brief list of the local search companies includes Merchant Circle, Super Pages, Yahoo Local, Bing and CitySearch. Even better, the listings are free. All one has to do is open an account. Granted, once the free account is opened, they will try and sell an optimization package but all one has to say is no thanks, I'll just stick with the free listing.

And to further maximize the benefit, a company can have multiple listings for different keywords with each company and this is where the power lies.

For example, a pizza restaurant can have a listing using the keywords pizza your city Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. And they can also have a listing for meatball sandwich your city, so on and so forth. Can you see the power in this?

To summarize, a Google Places listing must be accurate as well as the citations that point to it. And to get the highest Places rank, have multiple listings for different keywords on each of the local search business listing companies.

There are many companies that offer free local listings and this list of local search companies is a must have for a business that wants the top listing for their Google Places page or for an SEO company to help their clients with theirs Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.

The Vincent Press offers free Google Places listing and search engine optimization advice on their website and they also will answer any question left by their visitors.
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RE: How To Get The Top Spot In The 7 Pak

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