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IMD Magnetic Driven Chemical Process

 by Sebahtstian , Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:30 pm

Product Description:

IMD Fluoroplastic Mangetic Chemical Process Pump is the upgrade products of CQB Series bombas de vacío. which is R & D high -Efficiency Pump based on the long time technology accumulation, and study advanced technology aboard . The Designed Feature is small flow and high head of bomba de vacío, Pump apperarance and installation Dimension are designed and produced according of ISO International . All of Specifications are motor-straight ,supported by Middle bracket , compact structure resistance , load or upload Convenient .Inlet of sistemas de bomba de vacío is made of Steel-lined F46 , moulded by high temperature in order to enhance pressure of sistemas de bombas de vacío. Inner Rotor and Outer Rotor adopts high performance magnetic materials "NdFeB" . Isolation set used Import Non-metal material manufacture, it greatly reduces the magnetic eddy current loss . This Series of sistema de bombas de vacío performance is remarkable , inexpensive price , in the domestic and foreign many projects used and obtain recogintion, has become a subsitute imported magnetic pump first choose .

Technical Details of IMD Magnetic Drive Pumps
IMD Magnetic Drive Pump Series:
● Flow: to 400 m3/h
● Head: to 125 m
● Material Range : FEP,PFA Lined
● Temperature:to -20℃~180℃。
The industries we served including Biodiesel,Chemical, Petro-Chemical,Pharmaceutical,Water Treatment,Electrical,Sewage Treatment,and other industry.

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