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    1. The printed paper will appear scattered toner, this phenomenon may appear in the print page on the front, there may be on the back, but its scope is limited to a fixed position on the surface.

    The reason for this failure may be caused by the type, weight, or finish of the print media that does not meet the requirements of the printer. You can try to replace the printed paper. If the background brother tn450 toner appears when printing envelopes, there may be Seam parts of the print results, you just move the printed document to the location of no seam on the line, of course, if there is a whole envelope on the background of the emergence of samsung toner diffusion, then there may be the print density is not appropriate , You can choose the appropriate print density from the Print Quality Category menu of the Remote Control Panel of the Explorer package. Normally, the fault can be lost. If this fault occurs in the print job Back, then there may be due to the toner inside the overflow caused by the toner.

    2. The printed paper will appear all the black pages of the whole page - there is no handwriting output.

    The cause of the failure may be that the toner cartridge is not installed or the toner cartridge is defective to cause the toner to leak a lot in excess of the entire page, so you can remove the toner cartridge and reinstall it. NOTE: Be sure to push the cartridge in a stable position when installing the toner cartridge.

    3. The printed paper will be missing - that is, the characters are not printed or are not printed at all, so that the entire job can not be clearly read.

    The reason for this type of failure may be that the page is printed with a problem, you can print a page to try, if this is still possible to print the concentration of the choice is not appropriate, you can through the Explorer package Of the Remote Control Panel Print Quality Category menu to select the appropriate print density; of course, there may be uneven paper temperature or damage due to inconsistencies in the production process, so you can first switch to other manufacturers Try the paper.

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    First, ALL series (HL2040, HL2070N), AL series (HL5240, HL5250DN)
    1. Make sure the printer is turned on and the drum light is flashing to open the front cover of the printer. 2. Press and hold the GO button for about four seconds until all the lights are on. After the four indicators are lit, release the GO button.

    Second, ALL-FB / ALL-SF (MFC7420 / 7220 / DCP7010 / 7025 / FAX2820)
    1. Make sure that the front cover is open and then press the Option button on the control panel 2. For DCP Series machines: Replace Drum? Press the ▲ key. When the Accepted message appears, close the front cover.
    For the MFC series of machines: When the Replace Drum? Message appears on the screen, press the number 1. When the Accepted message appears, close the front cover.

    Third, FAX8370
    1. Load the new brother toner tn660 unit and keep the front cover open. 2. Press the "Clear" button. When "ACCEPTED" is displayed, press 1, then close the front cover.

    Fouth, HL1850 / 1870N / 6050D / 6050DN open the front cover, hold down the "run (GO)" button until ">>>> DRUM CLEAR" information appears in the LCD screen.

    Fifth, FAX2880
    The new cartridge with plastic sheet, please do not remove, into the machine after the drum will automatically spit out the rotation. The spit out of the plastic sheet triggers the paper exit sensor and resets the drum counter. If the plastic sheet is removed first, the brother toner cartridge can not be reset. The LCD displays "CHANGE DRJUM SOON". The solution is as follows: Symptom: FAX2880 LCD always shows "CHANGE DRJUM SOON", although just changed the cartridge or motherboard.
    Workaround: Adjust the firmware switch value. The eighth selector of WSW31 is used to display "CHANGE DRJUM SOON".
    1. Enter the maintenance mode.
    2. Press the number keys 1,0, the LCD displays WSW00
    3. Enter 3, 1, LCD display WSW31 = *******
    4. Use the right arrow to move the cursor to bit 8 (the rightmost one)
    5. Enter 1, then press the "SET" button.

  • How to make printer safe?DateTue Nov 07, 2017 11:37 pm
    Topic by adtozhou. Forum: Honda News

    Illegal users within the LAN may take the opportunity to use a shared printer, resulting in print costs "climbing." In order to prevent illegal users to share the printer at random, we need to set the account permissions to use the printer to limit the use of the object. By setting the security attribute for the printer installed on the host, specify a legitimate account to use the shared hp 201x

    The first step: in the host "printer and fax" folder, right-click the shared printer icon, from the right-click menu, select "Properties" option, then open the shared printer property settings box, switch " Security "tab.

    Step 2: Select "everyone" at the "Name" list at the option set page that opens, and select "Reject" for the "Print" at the "Permissions" list, so that any user is not free Access the shared printer.

    Step 3: Then click the "Add" button, you can use the shared account of the legitimate account to import into the "name" list, and then select the legitimate account selected, and select the corresponding print permission to "allow" The

    Repeat the third step to the other need to use the shared dell toner cartridges all the legitimate account into, and in turn their print permissions set to "allow", and then click "OK" button.

    Tip: If the "Security" tab can not be found, you can cancel the "Use simple file sharing" by selecting "Tools → Folder Options → View" on the folder menu bar.

    Client installation and configuration

    Step 1: Click "Start → Settings → Printers and Faxes", start the "Add Printer Wizard", select "Network Printer" option.

    Step 2: Several ways to add a network printer are available on the Specified Printers page. If you do not know the specific path of the network printer, you can select the "Browse Printer" option to find the printer sharing the same working group in the LAN, the computer where the printer is installed, and then click the "OK" button after selecting the printer; if you already know You can enter the network path of the shared printer, such as "\\ james \ compaqIJ" (james is the user name of the host), and then click "Next" in the "Common naming convention" (UNC) format for the printer, "

    Step 3: At this time the system will ask you to enter the printer name again, after the input, click the "Next" button, then press the "Finish" button, if the host set a shared password, here requires a password. Finally, we can see in the client's "printer and fax" folder has been a shared printer icon, where our network printer has been installed.

  • What is the problem in the use of cartridge?DateTue Nov 07, 2017 11:33 pm
    Topic by adtozhou. Forum: Guest Area

    As we all know, the samsung cartridge is the heart of a laser printer, which carries 70% of the print image. Every time you can not print things normally, almost the life of the drum to the end. In fact, we use a lot of places in the process is to pay attention to the need to pay attention to the place to take seriously and extend the life of the cartridge, then the supplies will not become "money."

    First, the use of the drum environment General requirements are: temperature 10-33 degrees, relative humidity 20-80%, humidity is too high or too low will affect the print results.

    Second, do not use wrinkles or paper with staples. Corrugated paper is likely to cause paper jams, and printing paper with staples may scratch the drum.

    Third, do not turn the drum by hand without permission. If the direction of rotation is opposite to the direction of rotation at the time of printing, it may cause leakage or print fouling.

    4, in the use of sulfuric acid paper printing, do not take the surface in the photosensitive drum smear the practice of silicone, which will seriously affect the life of the drum.

    5, the use of appropriate print media: do not use incision missing, tear, wrinkle, curling, broken holes and staples of paper; too thick, excellent paper (especially business card paper) will soon wear Toner cartridges.

    Photosensitive drum in the cartridge is very delicate, a little care will be damaged. So it can not be exposed to a long time in natural light or light, but can not touch or hard objects hit. Otherwise it will damage the surface of the photosensitive drum coating layer, thereby affecting the photographic properties.

    It is best to clean the parts inside the cheap toner cartridges (absolutely not available to wash), especially the magnetic roller (Mag Roller) and cleaning roller (PCR) with alcohol clean. This will not only guarantee the print quality but also extend the life of the drum.

    The most important thing is not in the wet weather or damp environment filling powder, encountered rainy days or relative humidity more than 70% is best not to fill powder, to know the toner in this environment can be in just a dozen Seconds quickly damp, resulting in print quality problems.

  • How to fix the printer?DateTue Nov 07, 2017 11:31 pm
    Topic by adtozhou. Forum: General Talk

    1, the printer can not work after power is turned on.

    For this type of failure, we must first confirm that the printer's power switch is set to "ON", if you have placed "ON", then you have to check the power cord and power plug and the power outlet is good, if no exception But still not power, then you have to check the plugged in the power outlet is the power and the voltage is normal (with a test pen can be), these aspects if there is no problem, then you look at the printer's fuse has been blown (If the first power to check), if not blown or have been blown but re-fuse again, then the printer part of the circuit there is a short circuit fault, then if you can not find a significant damage to the components, then Looking for a professional maintenance department for maintenance.

    2, the printer can not print online content on the computer.

    For this type of failure, we first check whether the printer is online and then check that the canon toner is the default printer for the system - some software will virtualize a default printer (such as some fax software), then you just "Printer" folder to change the default settings on the line, if not enough, then you can check the printer driver

    Whether the installation is wrong or has been damaged or has been lost, if the reload after the invalid you then check the printer's cable interface and the computer connection is wrong or connect the data cable is faulty - you can conduct a self-test print, if Can not print out to prove that the printer may be part of the internal circuit damage, then you'd better find a professional maintenance department for maintenance, if you can print out to prove that the data cable or interface is a problem, then you can change Try a new connection data cable. Of course, sometimes in the printer for some of the design of the virus will lead to the failure, so you have to use anti-virus software to try to check the virus.

    3, print online data can not be completely printed.

    In the event of such a failure, you can first look at the panel "Form Feed" light is on, if it is lit, then you want to leave the printer, and then press the "Form Feed" button to print the remaining The file in the printer buffer; if the printer does not display any information and the data has not yet been printed, then you should check the user software for errors.

    4, the printer can not print self-test.

    For this type of failure we first check the brother tn 660 in the choice of self-check menu item when it is offline, if normal, then check the tray has been installed and the paper box is not installed paper, if there is no problem You will check the printer cover is closed and check the machine with or without paper jam phenomenon, of course, if the printer's control panel shows the information, you can solve the problem for the information first. If you can not find the point of failure to find a professional maintenance department to help it.

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