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    Port mirroring configuration methods such as Huawei Cisco switchesPort mirroring mirrors the data on one or more ports (VLANs) of a switch to one or more ports. Port mirroring configuration can solve the difficult problem of monitoring all traffic in a widely used switched network. The specific implementation is described below. .Huawei Ce6800 Series Switch Ce6850 48s6q Hi 48 Port 10geOverview of Port Mirroring Configuration Before describing the configuration of port mirroring, let's first look at what port mirroring is configured. Port mirroring is a method of mirroring the data of one or more ports (VLANs) of a switch to one or more ports. .Cisco 4500 Chassis Cisco Catalyst 4500 Switch ChassisSo why do you need port mirroring? Network traffic is usually monitored for deployment of IDS products (needed by network analyzers as well), but there is considerable difficulty in monitoring all traffic in the widely used switching network.Huawei S5700S 28P LI AC Huawei Networking SwitchesTherefore, you need to configure the switch to forward data of one or more ports (VLANs) to a certain port to implement network monitoring.Huawei OptiX RTN 980 Radio Transmission System, View

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    Huawei eU1910 telephone exchange available from stockHuawei eSpace U1910 (hereinafter referred to as U1910) is a small-capacity switching device of Huawei's IP Telephony solution. It provides professional IP voice solutions for enterprises within 100 users.Huawei S2700 52P PWR EI Access Switch, View S2700 52P PWRThe product adopts a pure SIP soft-switching core, with high integration and wide and narrow band integrated design. It supports local analog user access, and uses an IP bearer network to simulate remote access to analog subscribers via the analog subscriber access gateway IAD.Best Price Huawei S3700 Network Switch 24 Port S3700 28Tp Ei Mc AcAccess to IP telephony users enables a hybrid networking of analog and IP telephony; and connection to PSTN or private network voice switching equipment through digital or analog trunking and broadband SIP trunking.Huawei S1720 20GFR 4TP 2 Gig SFP Enterprise Switch withThe device emphasizes reliability design, supports 1+1 backup configuration of AC or DC power supplies, and supports the rapid start of unified network management and visualization tools. U1910 effectively improves the efficiency of enterprise deployment and communication, and helps increase the value of the company.Very Low Price CE5855 24T4S2Q EI Network Core Switch

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    Huawei switches lead the world for three consecutive yearsWhile maintaining its leading position, Huawei continues to introduce new products. At the 2018 World Mobile Conference (MWC2018), Huawei released an intention-driven Intent-Driven Network solution that automates the deployment and continuity of network strategies by understanding business intent. Optimize, provide each user with the ultimate experience of every moment and every application, and build a smart, minimalist, ultra-wide, secure and open digital network platform for the enterprise.Huawei Layer 2 Enterprise Switch S1700 52R 2T2P AcThe recently released next-generation all-programmable agile switch provides automation deployment, automated operation and maintenance, and integrated security support for the intention-driven intelligent network. At the same time, at the just-concluded Huawei China EcoPartners Conference 2018, Huawei also fully demonstrated and introduced the intent-driven intelligent and simplified network to Chinese eco-partners and received unanimous recognition.Huawei MA5683T GPON OLT (MSAN), View MSAN, HUAWEI ProductIDC's data report once again validated Huawei's leadership in the Ethernet switch market. In the era of intelligent business, connectivity allows companies to break the boundaries of the region, can respond to customer needs faster, and make companies more competitive.Factory Manufacture 250W 260W 270W Sunpower Solar PanelHuawei already has the industry's most complete line of switch products. In the future, Huawei will continue to provide innovative network solutions and products to customers in various industries under the idea-driven network (IDN) concept to help users win in the era of digital transformation.S5730-SI Series Standard Gigabit Ethernet Switches

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    Supply-side structural improvements to stainless steel manufacturers into goodIn recent years, although there are Million stainless steel seamless pipe enterprises through the addition of refining furnace to enhance the quality of products manufactured by IF furnace, but often times, the pursuit of low-cost stainless steel seamless pipe business, so that refining furnace to become a display. Xu Xiangchun said IF furnace has a natural defect, the molten steel can not be any adjustment, this equipment defects lead to technical defects, making the product quality has inherent defects.2B stainless steel coil 410 Hot rolled stainless steel stripForeign scrap metal as a raw material for the short process are the use of electric arc furnace, which can effectively control product quality, but the higher investment costs. In the context of stainless steel seamless pipe to capacity, strip steel and IF furnace to become the primary goal, which gave the market a lot of policy expectations.1.4462 Tubo de bobina de tubo de acero inoxidable a dos caras 304The removal of the strip of steel will be to some extent to change the supply structure of stainless steel, good construction of stainless steel, the current real estate regulatory policies for sales, investment, new construction negative impact better than expected, the New Year stainless steel seamless tube price movements to form a certain support. Currently approaching the Spring Festival, there is no market price of stainless steel seamless pipe market more reflect the market for the post-holiday market is expected.Top quality best selling 201 304 316 stainless steel wire ropeStainless steel seamless pipe prices in 2016 after the soaring, limited upside space in 2017, but the downside is limited, more will be high oscillations. Although short-term breakthrough in the previous high or below the previous lows may be, but the supply side of the structural improvement of stainless steel seamless pipe fundamentals formed good.316l Perforated Stainless Steel sheet Manufacturer

  • steel prices: supply increased pressure downDateTue Dec 05, 2017 6:43 pm
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    steel prices: supply increased pressure downGuangzhou Market: After the Canton Canton market building materials prices rose and then fell, the cumulative pre-holiday still rose 10-20 yuan / ton. Is Shaoguan HPB300Ф6.5-10mm high line mainstream price 4090-4120 yuan / ton; Guangzhou Iron and Steel, Zhuhai, Guangdong Steel, Xiangtan Iron and Steel with the specifications line 3870-3920 yuan / ton; thread, Shaoguan HRB400EФ18-25mm The mainstream price of specifications resources in 4150 yuan / ton;11.1125mm G60 440c Pelota De Acero Inoxidable De Alta Precisión 430 BolasGuangzhou Iron and Steel, cold-rolled steel, Yufeng, Guangdong Iron and Steel, Hunan Iron and Steel HRB400EФ18-25mm specifications price of 4000-4110 yuan / ton. Market feedback, billet prices in Tangshan during the Ching Ming holiday rose 90 yuan / ton, the post-holiday market opened sharp rise once spiral, boosting the confidence of manufacturers in Guangzhou market.best selling stainless steel tube 304 made in ChinaAfter the holiday Shaoguan, Xiangtan Iron and Steel, Guangdong Iron and Steel prices rose 30 yuan / ton, merchants offer steady rise, one of the first and second-tier steel mills part of the resources higher, most of the other provinces and local private manufacturers offer most of the resources held steady. However, after the snail and the periphery of Shanghai, the market price in Beijing generally dropped back and the market turnover in Guangzhou also became fatigued again. Merchants offered barely stable prices. Inventory, this week, the total sample inventory of about 917,000 tons, an increase of 50,000 tons last week, of which 43,000 tons of rebar, wire coil rose 7,000 tons, which is the first time in nearly seven weeks inventory in Guangzhou rose.stainless steel 3cr13 coil with ISO certificationIt is understood that Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. plans to cut off the production of 6 # blast furnace for 45 days starting from the 15th and is expected to affect the hot metal 200,000 tons. The hot-rolled steel line will be discontinued on the 7th. The time for re-production is yet to be determined. At present, Orders, cold-rolled production reduced by 50%. And the thread will be opened to 6 lines, full protection of construction steel production. Guangzhou construction steel prices next week, or highs are expected to fall.China top ten selling productss 304l 3cr12 stainless steel sheet

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    How to choose stainless steel seamless tube manufacturerI believe this is a lot of people are more concerned about the problem. In fact, you do not have the need for tangled because the stainless steel seamless tube manufacturers are better, the company they are old and famous enterprises, specializing in the production of this stainless steel seamless tube has been more than a decade, they produced stainless steel seamless tube Better quality, the price is cheaper.304 304L de acero inoxidable mirando la pelotaMany people who use the steel pipes they produce say that they buy this product too value, and if you want to buy this product, it is recommended that you choose them. Mention stainless steel seamless tube, I believe many people will not feel strange about this, because around us everywhere has his shadow, such as in the kitchen which you will see the natural gas pipeline and some water pipes and so on.buy stainless steel sheet , Stainless Steel Metal Products For SaleIn the factory which has air compressed gas output pipes and some other steel pipe structure, etc., can be said that in his daily life and production occupies a very important position, then for now a lot of people want to buy this pipe Said that they are most concerned about is the stainless steel seamless tube manufacturers which is better. For stainless steel seamless pipe, it can be said that his role is very great, because sometimes we need to use this pipe for high-pressure gas or liquid transport.1.2mm 7x7 stainless steel wire rope SS316 304So if his quality is not good, then for our lives and property will have a great impact, then you want to buy stainless steel seamless pipe business or individual, how can we choose a better stainless steel Sewing manufacturers, so as to buy high-quality stainless steel seamless tube it?2017 stainless steel sheets prices

  • Stainless steel tube manufacturer price spaceDateThu Aug 03, 2017 7:41 pm
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    Stainless steel tube manufacturer price spaceOverall, from the latest published national macroeconomic data, although the domestic crude steel production in June hit a record high, but due to domestic infrastructure, real estate and manufacturing and other downstream industries continue to grow steadily, the overall demand for steel is still TheVacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing FurnaceSo at this stage the domestic stainless steel seamless tube inventory and social inventory did not appear cumulative, short-term supply of stainless steel pipe market supply pressure is still small, the domestic stainless steel pipe market to maintain tight supply and demand balance pattern. At the same time we also need to pay attention to some unfavorable disturbance factors.EN cold rolled galvanized steel sheetFirst, the export of tide hard to bring the domestic pressure to increase; Second, the country continued to high temperature weather led to the site steel demand gradually weakened; Third, the stainless steel pipe prices continued to rise after the market for high-priced resources to reduce the acceptance , Which led to turnover blocked.301 Stainless Steel Wire rolls professional factoryIn this case, it is expected that short-term domestic stainless steel pipe prices are still strong higher, but the overall ascribed to the space or relatively limited.decorative 4x8 decorative stainless steel sheet

  • 253MA 309S 310S stainless steel sheetDateWed Jun 28, 2017 6:23 pm
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    253MA 309S 310S stainless steel sheetHeat-resistant steel is often used in the manufacture of steam boilers, steam turbines, industrial furnaces and aviation, petrochemical and other parts of the industry in the high temperature parts.304 stainless steel sheet&coil309S: (0Cr23Ni3)Features: can withstand more than 980 ℃ repeated heating, with high temperature strength and oxidation resistance, anti-carburizing properties. Uses: Furnace material.scrap steel exports,scrap steel prices310S: (0Cr25Ni20)Features: 310S stainless steel plate suitable for the production of various furnace components, the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃, a series of use temperature 1150 ℃. Uses: furnace materials, automotive netting device with material.30 inch large diameter carbon seamless steel pipe253MA:Features: 253MA is a heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel (Austenitic stainlesssteel), which is required for high creep strength (creepstrength) and excellent corrosion resistance applications. The use of temperature range of 850 ~ 1100 ℃. Uses: In addition to alloying elements such as chromium and nickel, this grade of stainless steel also contains a small amount of rare earth metals (RareEarthmetals, REM), which significantly improved its antioxidant capacity. Nitrogen is added to improve creep properties and make this steel complete austenite. Although the chromium and nickel content is relatively low, but this kind of stainless steel has many environments with high alloying alloy steel and nickel-based alloy similar high temperature characteristics.Embossed Stainless Scrap Steel Strip

  • Galvanized sheet duct liftingDateSun Jun 04, 2017 6:46 pm
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    Galvanized sheet duct liftingAccording to the design drawings and national standards, the installation of galvanized duct. Before the installation of the galvanized duct, do the cleaning work of the assembly, then, according to the drawings of the distribution of the system of galvanized duct, according to the production of a good galvanized duct number to arrange, combined, check the size of galvanized duct Axis position in line with the drawings, before lifting.chapas de acero inoxidable medidasLifting with manual hoist, can be raised by the lifting group, pay attention to the lifting of the galvanized duct when the balance of lifting, to prevent sliding or dumping.stainless steel strip supplierThe galvanized air duct is fixed to the hanger. Galvanized duct installation, the competent try to paste the end of the beam, branch pipe is also installed as high as possible. Cross the operation must be with the water facilities, electric facilities with a good coordination, and pay attention to safety.Труба 304 для декоративной трубы из нержавеющей сталиAfter the galvanized duct is installed, check whether the installation height of the galvanized duct meets the design requirements. Whether the level of the galvanized duct is in compliance with the specifications, whether the bracket is skewed or not.904l Super Austenitic Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

  • 904L stainless steel tubeDateWed May 17, 2017 7:59 pm
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    904L stainless steel tubeTianjin Jinhui Steel Trading Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the production of 304 stainless steel, 321 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 309S stainless steel, 310S stainless steel, 904L stainless steel tube-based professional company.Good supplier 305 stainless steel sheet coil pipeStainless steel company in Tianjin distributor, adequate resources, complete specifications, inventory, quality and cheap, at the same time can be customized non-standard and special steel of stainless steel, according to customer requirements made a variety of stainless steel products, time Short, high quality. The price is subject to the date of inquiry. Another company with a plasma cutting machine, a sawing machine, a cutting plate machine, all materials can be cut sales processing.304 hq mirror polished stainless steel oval tubeI adhere to the company "quality tree reputation, brand accounting for the market, innovation and development, the scale of efficiency", unswervingly do China's outstanding stainless steel material providers! Business purposes: quality first, the credibility of the first, integrity hospitality, all kinds of high-quality products recommended to the whole society, serving the enterprises.310 cold rolled NO4 finish Stainless steel coilPledge: to provide high quality stainless steel and related products, to comply with the highest ethical standards, and strive to provide unique products and high level of service. Quality commitment: at any time to provide customers with products and services, fully understand the customer requirements, due diligence, without exception, make every effort to sustainable development.stainless steel expanded , perforated metal 825 silver

  • 303 stainless steel how to better resist rust?DateThu Apr 20, 2017 7:41 pm
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    303 stainless steel how to better resist rust?The use of hardware made of 303 stainless steel, long exposure to atmospheric salt, a small part of the product began to rust. Stainless steel material, how can we better resist rust? The following is a professional screw manufacturers (shelf screws) for everyone to analyze it!2b surface 304 stainless steel plate supplierHigh-speed cutting austenitic stainless steel 303 is not like other austenite rust resistance results. This is due to sulfur, selenium, tellurium free processing additives, which will be initiated as corrosion. In addition, 303 stainless steel needs to be different from the chemical passivation standards, compared with austenitic stainless steel is still an advantage. Austenitic stainless steels, including types 302, 304 and 316, are preferred for salt atmosphere / marine environments. Through the relevant understanding of the test obtained: to obtain corrosion resistance by specifying a smooth surface finish, thoroughly clean the surface for passivation treatment. The passivation treatment is partially immersed in a 30% nitric acid solution to remove any iron contamination on the surface of the stainless steel which is expected to nucleate and rust. Passivation will also remove any grease during processing to make part more attractive.stainless steel sheet and coil supplierIn the accurate screw extruder, we can according to the requirements of customers to create any and all the stainless steel products, after-sales passivation of the product if there is a demand to meet.Stainless Steel SheetsIf you have questions about these materials, or any other material for your work, as well as completing or completing the process, please contact our engineering department. They can help you with any possible technical problems.Hoja de acero inoxidable Precio

  • Stainless steel elbow raw material marketDateTue Mar 07, 2017 5:53 pm
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    Stainless steel elbow raw material marketThis requires that the stainless steel elbow industry be transformed from a market-oriented to a user-centric, transforming the market share from the expanded market share to creating value for the user, from a wide range of products to the product, the quality of service Promotion, in the path from the "investment in the production line product sales return payment quality objection disposal" to "from the actual needs of users to start early intervention, jointly developed a comprehensive solution after the tracking, continuous improvement." The establishment of a user-centered concept for the industry will be an important challenge for stainless steel elbow industry.Stainless steel plate pricesThe selection and development of advanced, practical and effective environmental technologies and equipment is an important task for the next period, which is a challenge that the stainless steel pipe industry must face in the future. New changes need to enter the peak platform period.Stainless steel coils priceStainless steel elbow industry concentration is low. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data projections, crude steel production capacity of about 1.11 billion tons, according to the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and Trade Bureau of the three categories of steel enterprises, crude steel production capacity of about 1.14 billion tons, according to stainless steel pipe investment institutions, crude steel production capacity of 1.13 billion Ton. Stainless steel U-tube industry to solve the problem of excess capacity, a way is to rely more on the market mechanism, and if the violation of environmental laws, through fair and impartial judicial process, after five years or more, a group of non-competitive Of enterprises gradually withdraw from the market. Second, the industry benefits fell sharply, especially in the past three years, despite the large and medium-sized steel enterprises slightly profitable, the industry is still down the benefits.2b surface 304 stainless steel plate supplierThe main reason is the overcapacity, the current crude steel production capacity between 11.1-11.4 million tons, stainless steel pipe industry concentration is low, stainless steel coil industry overcapacity problem solving, more need to rely on market mechanisms, after five years or more After a long period of time, a group of non-competitive enterprises gradually withdraw from the market.high qulity 410 stainless steel wire supplier

  • Development history of galvanized coilDateSun Jan 08, 2017 5:59 pm
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    Development history of galvanized coilIn 1937 the United States established the first continuous hot-dip galvanized steel strip production line, in 1942 in the United States built the first continuous galvanized steel production line, from entering the industrial production has been 160 years of production history. Hot galvanized products are widely used in construction, home appliances, travel, container manufacturing, electrical and mechanical industry, almost all aspects of basic necessities.stainless steel sheet and coil supplierIn recent years, the world's galvanized steel demand continues to increase, the output growth is also very fast, in the United States, Japan and other steel producing countries, the proportion of hot-dip galvanized steel in the steel has been as high as 13% -15%. Recently, the automotive industry more and more attention to the life of materials, cold-rolled steel with paint can no longer meet the requirements of corrosion resistance.Stainless Steel Sheet Price In ChinaIn this case, the excellent corrosion resistance and low cost of hot-dip galvanized sheet began to be generally favored by car manufacturers. The greatest advantage of coated steel is excellent corrosion resistance, painting, decorative and good formability.2B Finish Magnetic Stainless Steel 430 Hr CoilIn recent years, the amount of coated steel plate in the car has been on the rise, and become the main body of automotive sheet. Countries around the world are studying how to expand the varieties of coated plates, specifications, improve the coating process and thus improve the coating quality, that is, corrosion resistance, anti-powder peeling, coating, welding. Formability of the coated plate has always been an important aspect of its application, which depends on substrate performance, coating process and performance and forming process conditions, through the combination of advanced technology to achieve a good application effect.Custom Industrial Reusable Plastic Pallets

  • Stainless steel cleaning stepDateSun Nov 20, 2016 10:00 pm
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    First, the best tool is stainless steel cleaning cloth and stainless steel oil, after the first step in the operation, we will pour stainless steel oil on the cloth (Note: stainless steel oil can not be used too much Oh, otherwise it will leave traces) And then wipe the stainless steel items back and forth, until all the stains are removed so far.Stainless steel wire suppliers

    Second, this step is completed, we can take a clean rag, and then continue to wipe on the stainless steel items back and forth (Note: no longer coated with stainless steel oil), until the stainless steel oil wipe clean and bright stainless steel objects so far, this It basically completed the entire cleaning work, if found to have floral phenomenon, it should immediately repeat the above steps, know that wiped clean up.ss304 2b finish stainless steel price per kg

    Third, for any of the things we will be cleaning the first time most of the stains removed, commonly used methods are rinsed or wiped, and today we have to talk about the choice of stainless steel is the method of cleaning the surface of the stainless steel most of the dust wipe , So that the overall comparison of stainless steel looks clean.10 Gauge Stainless Steel Pipe

    Fourth, our family of stainless steel basin Most of the friends are using the washing method, but because of this, our family inside the stainless steel pots in the water stains always leave some traces, we can see, stainless steel is not suitable for washing , So not only do not wash clean stainless steel, long-term down will damage the luster of stainless steel. So how should we wash the stainless steel in the end it?304 Grade Stainless Steel Price

  • Austenitic stainless steelDateSun Nov 06, 2016 10:20 pm
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    In 18% Cr steel by adding 8 ~ 11% Ni, is the austenitic stainless steel. Such as 1Cr18Ni9 is the most typical steel. This type of steel due to the addition of nickel, the expansion of the austenitic region, which can be metastable at room temperature single-phase austenite.seamless stainless steel pipe astm a312

    Because it contains higher chromium and nickel, and showed a single-phase austenite, which has higher than the chromium stainless steel chemical stability, better corrosion resistance, is the most widely used class of stainless steel.18 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire Strength

    18-8 stainless steel in the annealed state of austenite + carbide of the organization, the presence of carbide, corrosion resistance of steel have great damage, it is usually a solution treatment method, that is, the steel heated to 1100 ℃ After cooling, the carbide dissolved in the high temperature obtained in the austenite, and then by fast cooling, at room temperature to obtain single-phase austenite.904L Stainless Steel Bar

    Commonly known as the stainless steel iron means ferritic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel. The most common austenitic stainless steel, which is distinguished from the most commonly used anti-rust properties.discount stainless steel for sale

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