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  • The six steps of the flour mill cleaning processDateTue Jan 23, 2018 4:31 pm
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    The six steps of the flour mill cleaning process
       Wheat flour milling machine in the process of wheat needs to go through this process, free training techniques cassava flour processing machine
    wheat cleaning process is more stringent, strictly follow the steps of wheat cleaning in order to ensure that the production of more high-quality flour! The cleaning process of wheat is generally composed of receiving raw materials, raw materials collocation, cleaning of maomai, water regulation, cleaning and processing of bare wheat and other processes. Each process is composed of the process equipment undertaking the corresponding tasks in accordance with certain rules. Then next Henan Taixing grain machine company to bring you to learn more about the following machine to clean wheat needs to go through six steps!
    1, the raw materials received: receive the transport tools into the raw materials, the initial treatment into the storage warehouse, the process of receiving raw materials.
    2, the mix of raw materials: raw materials with processes such as workshop Mao Mai warehouse, equipped with devices such as wheat.
    3, Rye cleaning: Rye cleaning process configuration more links, through the rye cleaning, the purity of the wheat should be close to the grind standard, so the effect of rye cleaning on the wheat road greater impact.
    4, moisture regulation: moisture regulation process generally includes a water machine and run the wheat warehouse, according to the requirements, can be used once with the water process or secondary water process.
    5, light wheat cleaning: In order to completely remove all kinds of impurities in raw materials, to ensure the purity of wheat into the mill, so this process.
    6, under the cleaning: the process of foot cleaning process for all types of semi automatic flour packing machine
    cleaning equipment to extract the foot.
      When the raw material situation is more complicated, the combination of wheat Road should be more perfect, and require the mutual cooperation of the process equipment.

  • ​Small flour mill bearing repair problemsDateMon Jan 22, 2018 4:30 pm
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    Small flour mill bearing repair problems
      Small flour mill bearing wear, some can be used to repair the welding car. stainless steel mini flour mill machines
    Such as running the inner and outer rings in the bearing, with welding on the journal and cover the hole for welding, and then use the lathe into the required size. Preheating shaft and end cap preheating before welding. At the end of the welding, it is immediately buried deep in dry lime powder for slow cooling to control the quench and brittleness phenomenon. When using electric welding repair.
        When the rotor of the small flour machine is separated from the shaft, automatic flour packing machine from shanghai
    inject the gap between the reset rotor and the shaft with the high temperature resistant adhesive 502, and the filler should be placed vertically with quick action. After both ends of injection, and then 40% saline water, place a few days later, you can assemble use.

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    Analysis of Common Faults in Medium - sized Flour Milling Machine
    1, mill failure
    (1) body shaking, should be tightened grinding head and rack coupling bolts.
    (2) Production decline. Should be tightened spring to ensure that the roll gap at both ends of the same wear on the wear to be repaired.
    (3) flour temperature is high. Should be loosened roller,flour processing machinery/unit
    such as grinding roller wear and tear should be repaired or replaced; summer machine temperature should be shut down when the heat.
    (4) No bran. Common reasons for spindle rotation is wrong, the screen frame tightness or mesh damage.
    (5) No powder or powder less. A common cause is blocked screen.
    2, spiral mixer failure
    (1) Grain out of the mouth without food. The reason is the motor is not steering, the discharge port is blocked, stirrer blade rupture and so on.
    (2) stirrer shaft does not turn. There are too many reasons for feeding, such as slippery belt.
    3, closed the fan failure
    Bad wind, face bags may be sucked. Common causes of air leakage at the junction, impeller wear and so on. Impeller wear can be installed in the outer edge of a rubber plate.
    4, cloth filter failure
    (1) Indoor fly more dust. Reason for the distribution; box dust collector is not tight, cloth tube is not; tie tight, then air duct leakage.
    (2) Fabric filter flour too much. The reason is a large amount of wind, dust collector connected to the bottom of the leakage or wear wear, closed impeller and the shell gap and so on.
    5, electrical failure
    (1) The unit can not start. Common reasons are low voltage, distribution line phase loss, bad line, the control loop is broken, the fuse blown.
    (2) stand-alone can not start. Common reasons stand-alone control 6fydt widely used grain mill equipment
    loop poor contact or disconnection, AC contactor coil burnout.
    6, motor failure
    The entire unit has more than 10 different sizes of motors, therefore, the motor fault can not be ignored. One of the major causes of motor damage is overheating. Causes of over-temperature due to lack of bearings, bearings into the dirt, bearing damage or; motor overload and so on.
    7, cleaning screen failure
    (1) clean up sieve vibrations or screen frame shaking. The reason is loose bolts or wedges.
    (2) Grains with grains. The reason is that row of stone mouth throttle, sieve angle or inappropriate.
    (3) Wheat is smashed too much. The reason is that the gap between the gear plate and the sieve is too small, the sieve is too large or damaged.

  • Discuss the correct use of stone flour machineDateSun Jan 21, 2018 4:45 pm
    Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Discuss the correct use of stone flour machine
    Stone flour machine in the production of a long time turkey high quality wheat flour milling plant
    there will be some small problems, such as grinding caused by wear and tear how to do? Stone flour machine in the course of production will decline, the situation should be tightened spring, ensure that the mill The gap between the two ends of the roller is consistent, and the worn grinding teeth are repaired. So how to repair the grinding wear of the stone grinding machine?
    1, stone flour machine placed in place to be stable, and fixed with ground screws.
    2, before the test should first clean the cavity of the machine, and the front cover with a star-shaped handle lock.
    3, turn on the power, you should pay attention to the order,commercial automatic feeding flour mill grinder
    so that the spindle rotation in the direction shown.
    4, when testing should pay attention to the machine whether there is abnormal noise, in order to promptly stop inspection.

  • Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Methods and principles of flour machinery cleaning
      Removal of flour is an important part of the production process of flour machinery, in order to protect the smooth progress of production, wheat processing before top grade promotional automatic flour packing machinery
    the need for impurity removal of wheat, the commonly used impurity removal principles are the following.
    1, the use of flour processing raw grain size differences, the use of screening to remove impurities in the size of raw materials.
    2, the use of the difference in suspension speed or density, the use of wind selection can be clear light impurities in raw materials, the use of de-stone machine can remove suspended materials in the larger, more dense side-by-side impurities.
    3, the use of magnetic differences, the use of magnetic separation equipment can effectively clear the magnetic raw materials in magnetic flour metal impurities.
    4, the use of the difference between the grain shape,newest technology flour mill equipment italy
    spherical shape of the buckwheat, you can use its movement in a particular work surface and the difference between the wheat to remove.
    5, the use of the strength of the difference, the use of wheat flour machinery have a blow to play the role of equipment, raw materials can be less than the intensity of wheat crushed impurities, and then use the screening method to remove crushed impurities.

  • Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    What characteristics of high-side sieve stone grinding machine?
    High side sieve is a common configuration of stone flour milling machine equipment, mainly used for screening and grading of materials after grinding, can also be used as a check sieve. Also used in chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, 200 ton per day wheat flour milling machines with price
    wine and other industries powder material screening and grading. Today mainly introduces the structural characteristics of the commonly used high side sieve under the flour mill.
    1, the majority of high square flat sieve beams are installed horizontally in the middle of the stone flour sieve body, individually installed in the lower part. Most of the built-in motor is located in the upper part of the screen body, some in the lower part.
    2, the majority of high-side sieve two sieve european standard wheat flour mill made in china
    compartment separation is the same number of individual not the same. A sieve box is a square warehouse square grid, the other screen box is a four-bin narrow sieve, can adapt to different properties and flow of material in a sieve sieve is a sieve, give full play to the ability to sieve area.

  • Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Need to pay attention to the installation of flour machinery problems
    Flour machinery more types, different sizes and specifications, flour machinery, flour single and complete set of flour units, although they produce different, but they produce flour quality is the same, and their installation method is the same, Let's 1200kg hour wheat flour mill machine
    take a closer look at the installation of flour machinery need to pay attention to what issues?
        Flour machinery specifications are large and small, a single flour machinery, but also have more than one combination of flour machinery, no matter what kind of flour machinery, installation, the main part of the flour machinery should be in a relatively flat ground Install it, then install the rest.
    Power system installation is very important, but also to consider the impact of vibration on the power system, transport to kenya 50t/24h maize milling machine
    the need to motor fixed on the ground, the error should be within the allowable range, or the belt will fall off, can not run. Flour machine out of the part according to need, how easy operation on how to install.

  • How to maintain flour milling equipment in winterDateWed Jan 03, 2018 4:49 pm
    Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    How to maintain flour milling equipment in winter
    Routine maintenance can extend the service life. In winter, in addition to routine maintenance that, due to the special nature of the season, they have to pay special attention. Here's a few details on how to maintain in winter:
           1. If your Raymond mill is outdoors, winter cold weather can boot airborne five minutes preheat the machine, dcs corn flour packing machine with sewing machine
    you can start working, winter metal toughness can be restored to normal after the decline, will help to improve the service life;
           2. Operation must be run under good lubrication conditions, otherwise it will damage the bearings and shorten the service life. To ensure the normal operation of the spindle refueling time required once a month, open apart and cleaned once a month;
           3. If you find a metal block into the machine, should be immediately shut down to remove, otherwise it will damage the blade, plum hanger and so on. Charge should be uniform, to prevent the duct is blocked;
           4. Air volume regulation: The air volume control valve located on the fan inlet pipe is generally open to the maximum position, which can be adjusted according to the fineness and output requirements. Located at the blower outlet fan control valve, transferred to the inlet without dust spray can be. It is noteworthy that the air volume is too small, easy to sediment material within the duct below the host.
           5. Winter operation as far as possible not in the outdoors, the appropriate temperature can increase work efficiency;
           6. Winter production decreases, you should check whether the duct is cut too much,widely used maize grinding mill
    the wind does not go, should open the door to clear the material out of observation. Discharger is not filled, should be opened to unload finished. Host motor and fan motor belt is loose, not too tight or too loose. Grinding roller, grinding ring, grinding machine blade, fan wheel serious wear and tear, should be promptly repaired or replaced;
           7. Should promptly clean the surface of the dust and some acid-base debris, to avoid reaction with the equipment, resulting in serious corrosion of some objects, reducing service life;

  • ​Flour machinery classificationDateWed Jan 03, 2018 4:46 pm
    Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Flour machinery classification
    Flour mills are wheat processing machines that rely on external power (such as motor-generated power) to shave wheat into small particles and to separate flour particles of different sizes by adjusting the size of the sieve to obtain small flour particles.
     efficient stainless steel corn grits making machine

         Flour machinery, including grain wheat machines, wheaten wheat to enhance the machine, wheat washing machines and wheat flour milling machine series.
    Flour machinery can be divided into the traditional flour machine (skin core mixing flour machine) and the modern flour machine (skin core separator flour machine).
         Conventional flour mills (skin-core milling flour mills) include stone flour mills and conventional steel flour mills which when processed in wheat do not separate the milled sheath mix but are directly ground again Cause the flour is black.
     konjac flour jowar flour milling machine

         In modern wheat flour mills, the ground skin core mixture is separated by filtration through a round screen, separating the skin from the core, and then grinding the skin and core separately. Grind flour so white.

  • Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Feed extruder in the expansion process of the main functions
    Feed extenders are versatile and are used in a wide range of feed, 2017 new automatic peanut butter machine filling machine
    food and industrial applications. Based on an extruder (dry, wet, single screw or twin screw), we introduce one of these puffing processes or A set of functions, these features are:
    Coagulation: In the puffing process, food or feed ingredients can be closely integrated and condensed into discrete pieces.
    Degassing: Bubble-containing food or feed ingredients are removed during puffing.
    Dehydration: General food or feed in the puffing process, the water content in the original loss of 4% -7%.
    Expansion: Extruder operating conditions and configurations control the density (such as sink or float) of pet feeds and aquafeeds.
    Gelation: Expanded cooking can gelatinise starch (from various sources such as tubers or grains) during the processing of food or pet feeds.
    Grinding effect: In the processing of food or feed raw materials can be grinded to a certain extent in the extruder.
    Homogenization: The homogenization of the extruder wafer biscuit making line for sale
    changes the structure of an unattractive raw material to a more acceptable form.
    Mixing: During the puffing process, a wide variety of screw extruders are available for the various extruders to allow the extruder to produce the desired amount of mixing.
    Pasteur sterilization and sterilization: In the food or feed puffing process, raw materials can be popcorn pasteurized or sterilized.

  • Extruders common classificationDateTue Jan 02, 2018 4:34 pm
    Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Extruders common classification
    What are the common categories for the extruder? The following describes:
    First: Corn Extruder:commercial biscuit baking machine
    It is mainly used to puff corn, yellow rice and other grains and cereals.
    Second: flour puffing machine: It is mainly used to puff wheat flour, this puffing machine known as crisp fruit machine.
    Third: Soybean Extruder: It is mainly used for expanded soybeans. Unlike the grain expander, Soybean Extruder contains a de-oiling device, which is a special machine made according to the oil content of soybean.
    Fourth: feed extruder: mainly used for the expansion of fish, shrimp,cookie biscuit baking machine
    pet food and other special breeding pellet feed production.

  • How to deal with small flour machine failureDateMon Jan 01, 2018 4:58 pm
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    How to deal with small flour machine failure
    We have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge of flour machine, 15hp diesel engine corn maize flour mill machine
    the flour machine failure should be promptly addressed, the motor damage, cleaning problems such as sieve failure are common problems of small flour machine. Let's look at the solution to the problem of small flour machine.
    1, the motor failure: the temperature is too high is one of the main motor damage. The reason for the failure of the bearing oil, bearings into the dirt, bearing damage, such as motor overload.
    2, cleaning sieve failure: ① clean sieve vibration sieve or frame sway, due to loose bolts or wedges. ② with gravel in the wheat, the reason is the row of stone mouth throttle, or the screen angle is not appropriate. ③ wheat was smashed too much, because the wheat device tooth plate and sieve clearance is too small, too large or damaged sieve.
    3, spiral mixer failure: ① grain out of grain, because the motor is not steering, 2016 best low price flour mill machine in india for sale
    the outlet is blocked, stirrer blade fracture. ② stirrer shaft does not turn, because of excessive feed, belt slippage and so on.
    4, mill failure: ① body shaking, should be tightened grinding head and rack bolts. ② production decline, should be tightened spring to ensure that the gap between the two ends of the roller consistent with the wear on the wear repair. ③ flour temperature is high, should be loose grinding roller; such as grinding roller wear and tear should be repaired or replaced; machine temperature is high cooling down. ④ no bran, because the spindle steering is wrong, the screen frame tightness or mesh damage. ⑤ no powder or powder less, because the sieve blockage.

  • What to note when using a flour machineDateMon Jan 01, 2018 4:55 pm
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    What to note when using a flour machine
    Flour machine in use there are some issues that need attention,30t/24h maize flour miller with high quality low cost
    mainly for the following aspects, we look at Xiaobian detailed introduction.
    1, a reasonable grasp of moistening time: smaller moistener small flour mill, moistening time difficult to guarantee, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of flour in small units. Production, we must do everything possible to control the good moistening time, to create conditions for the production of good flour. Soft wheat generally mastered at 16h, hard wheat 24h or so, for overtime net wheat, do not grind alone, with the timely net wheat mix, mixed grinding, to dilute the impact on the silty.
    2, always concerned about the wheat into the mill moisture
    3, the control of the appropriate output of flour: small flour mill flour millcorn flour mill plant flour producing line
    production capacity called the status of the "barometer", such as the quality of raw and processed grain, water size, roller sharp blunt, sieve filter silk, And so on, will affect the output of flour.

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    Development prospect of vacuum fryer in producing carrot chips
    Process carrot → pick → → → peeled → → pre-boiled dehydrated → vacuum → deep-fried oil → → cooling → weighing → packaging → finished operating points.
    Choose material Choose bright red orange, smooth surface, detailed texture, no shrinkage, and tick out rotten and affected by pests and diseases of the defective products.
    2. Cleaning. To clean the carrot skin and sediment entrained in the raw materials such as leaves for direct factory supply peanut paste making machine
    the purpose of cleaning can be used with scouring water spraying machine.
    Peeled The main use of chemical peeled, supplemented by mechanical peel supplemented by the process. With 10% sodium hydroxide lye, soak at a temperature of not less than 95 ℃ for 13 minutes, immediately rinse with flowing water for 2 to 3 times to wash away the epidermis corroded by lye and residual alkali liquid. Most carrot epidermis with annular groove marks, after lye treatment by lye, groove marks tend to appear bad skin phenomenon, so also use the peeler for processing.
    4 slice. The peeled carrots into the slicer, cut into thin slices of 2 to 4 mm.
    Pre-cook In a sandwich pot with 1% ~ 2.5% salt water boil 5 to 10 minutes, drained.
    6. Dehydration. The pre-cooked drained water carrot slices placed on baking tray, sent to the oven, at 65 ~ 70 ℃ until the water content of 5% to 10% so far. Such as the use of vacuum freeze-drying, the better.
    Vacuum fried. The dehydrated carrot slices are fried in a vacuum fryer, the degree of vacuum can be controlled at 0.08MPa, the temperature of the oil is controlled at 80-85 ° C, and the cooking time depends on the carrot varieties, texture, frying temperature and degree of vacuum. Specifically through the frying machine observation hole to see all the disappearance of the foam on the carrot pieces, indicating the end of the frying, then the oil content of 35% to 40%.
    8. De-oiling. Centrifuge to remove excess oil in carrots. Such as the use peanut butter machine griding machine for sale
    of vacuum centrifugal de-oil, it will make the oil content of 20% or less, so that more easily accepted by consumers, but also extend the shelf life.
    Cool. After frying carrot chips can be cooled with a chiller.
    10 weighing, packaging. The above-prepared pieces of chips in the removal of good, according to size, color classification, weighing, and then use the vacuum or filled with nitrogen packaging, Serve products.

  • Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Automatic frying machine for making fried sweet potato balls
    Fried sweet potato balls outside the crisp, sweet, small scale potato chips line
    in line with most people's appetite. It can be said that all ages. The use of automatic frying machine for making fried sweet potato balls specific production methods are as follows:
    First, the raw material formula
    Sweet potato 250g, flour 250g, milk powder 40g, sugar 50g, edible oil (real consumption about 100g)
    Second, the production method
    Wash the sweet potato peeled, cut into green bean-sized tablets, milk powder with warm water to open. Add sweet potato powder, sugar, pour milk, add appropriate amount of water and even into a slightly soft dough. Fully automatic frying machine frying oil until Liu Cheng heat, the dough squeezed into balls 2cm in diameter into the next, deep-fried and golden brown (or dark yellow) remove and drain oil, the plate can be .
    Third, the production points
    The proportion of sweet potato and flour should be appropriate, easy operate stainless steel peanut butter machine
    less sweet potato, finished product can not highlight the flavor, less flour, the viscosity is poor, not easy and into a group. Another sweet potato balls soft and hard to moderate, the oil temperature to be controlled in Liu Cheng hot, high outer scorch in the students, low adhesion, affecting the shape.

  • Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Stone flour machine to create natural green flour
    The so-called stone flour, that is, do not add any additives, with the traditional stone flour milling process for flour processing. Grinding wheat with stone is a very natural and healthy traditional process. In order to maximize the nutrition and taste of flour, during the processing, the speed of the stone grinding wheel low consumption wheat flour grinder machine
    is lower than that of ordinary steel flour to ensure that most of the nutrients of the tissue fiber and wheat inside the wheat are not damaged , Stone flour machine successfully create pure natural green flour.
             professional manufacturer of stone flour machine, in order to ensure product quality, not only strict production technology, but also actively promote the concept of green, to ensure that all products 10tpd maize milling processing plant running in zambia
    in the production process of natural, green, to the maximum extent to retain the wheat Nutritional ingredients, with high nutritional value, is the inevitable choice for your pursuit of green living.

  • Small flour machine raw wheat selection principleDateSun Dec 24, 2017 5:20 pm
    Topic by concretemixer. Forum: General Talk

    Small flour machine raw wheat selection principle
    Selection of raw wheat for small flour mill The quality of raw wheat China wheat flour mill machine automatic flour mill
    is a key factor for the production of specialty wheat flour. High-quality raw grain, is the basis for the production of special wheat flour. The correspondence between the quality of raw wheat and finished wheat flour is of paramount importance. For the production of wheat flour, the quality of the raw grain wheat quality depends mainly on the content and quality of wheat protein. The content and quality of the protein in wheat in turn determine the gluten content and quality of wheat flour.
             Thus, the quality of raw grain wheat, especially protein content wheat maize grinding milling equipment corn flour machine
    and quality, is the key to the quality of small wheat flour flour, determines the use of wheat flour.

  • ​Production process of corn flake production lineDateWed Dec 20, 2017 5:00 pm
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    Production process of corn flake production line
    Corn flake production line using artificial feeding,professional peanut butter machine making machine
    feeding uneven, uneven load equipment, affecting production, high quality small scale peanut butter machine s
    increase the intensity of work, such as the production of conveyor belt feeding, just adjust the conveyor feed rate, to achieve the best production efficiency, after the rough material Directly through the conveyor belt into the drying chamber, adjust the conveyor speed, so that the material evenly distributed in the dryer conveyor belt, uniform into the drying room. Then after two screw conveyors, respectively, to two sets of fine grinding machine group evenly conveying materials, any one screw conveyor can be separate and micro-mill production. Because of the specific process conditions, the finished product can soak in milk for a long time with virtually no damage to the structure of the starch during processing, the infinitely chosen shape and formulation, fully automatic and continuous processing, the corn flake production line is more than just a combination of machines, It is a fully automatic continuous process that combines the raw material to the final packaging.

  • Sachima packaging machine product featuresDateWed Dec 20, 2017 4:54 pm
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    Sachima packaging machine product features
    1. Double frequency control, the bag length that is set to cut, no need to adjust the air to go, one step in place, save time and film.
    2 man-machine interface,professional potato chip machine
    parameter setting convenient and quick.
    3 fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.
    4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, digital input sealing position, so that the sealing position more accurate.
    5. Temperature independent PID control, better for a variety of packaging materials.
    6. Stop positioning function, do not stick knife, do not waste the envelope.
    7. Transmission system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.
    8. All control by software to best price peanut butter machine with ce iso
    facilitate functional adjustments and technology upgrades, never backward.

  • How to use frying machine and precautionsDateMon Dec 18, 2017 4:40 pm
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    How to use frying machine and precautions
    Before using the equipment, it is necessary to make clear whether the products to be produced are pasta series, bean products or puffed foods, and the production processeselectric growing chip twister cutter
    of different products are not the same. According to the use of different methods can be divided into oil and water mixing equipment and pure oil equipment. Twist, Shaqima, cat ears and other pasta series, beans, green beans, beans bubble, fish tofu and other beans products, suitable for oil and water mixing equipment, puffed food, food preparation for pure oil equipment.
    Equipment must be used before refueling the furnace body, made in china perfect quality peanut butter machine
    so as not to burn the electric heating pipe; heating pipe for a period of time will produce some oil residue, should be promptly cleaned, cleaned at least four times a month; timely clean up the surface of the fryer, the residue can not be accumulated Too much or too thick to prevent heat stored in the slag to cause fire. Summer oil-water hybrid fryer water change once a day, winter water quality can be changed regularly to protect the quality of oil; heating pipe must be immersed in the medium to work. Check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch regularly. General advanced equipment is equipped with automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature at room temperature to 230 degrees between the arbitrary regulation, according to the selection of fried fry temperature, automatic control of the heating on-off situation, in order to maintain constant temperature, not only reduces energy consumption, And easy to operate, fast, improve work efficiency, welcomed by users.
    Another more important point is that after use must be carried out frying pan cleaning, the specific method is to wait for the oil after cooling oil release, and then poured into the water to boil the water, sprinkle into two major edible alkali powder, Cook for 5-10 minutes, then drain the water.

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